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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.1310

The young woman stepped out of her Ready Room, her red hair appeared as if the ANUBIS' CO had gone several rounds with a couple of angry Nausicaans. Although aware of the visibly distraught CSciO, Ensign Dalziel, the ship's Counsellor had opted to insure first that the Captain had been alright.

The Cardassian born woman prove to be too slow for the Kzinti Sec/Tac Officer who quickly presented herself in front of the redhead. "Are you alright Captain?" Hex inquired as she peeked around the CO to see if any threat to the ship and crew had followed… instead the Sec/Tac saw only one other Officer… Commander Enaii.

Unlike the CO, the ILO appeared as prim and proper as could be expected… not a single strand of hair had been out of place. Several more questions made their way into the minds of the Senior Staff but all remained unspoken… the possible answers having been far too much for any of them to be able to handle at this time.

"Am I to gather that we are finally out of this little time distortion?" The redheaded CO inquired, her eyes ever so slowly having dropped onto the unconscious Klingon resting on the floor of the command deck.

"We are Captain," Maya reported from the Science station at the back of the Bridge. "I have been able to modulate the ablative armour to immune the ship from any further time distortion… the problem is that they are still occurring and at greater frequency. Unless we locate the source and stop it, this entire region of space could be ripped apart by temporal shock waves… not to mention the general chaos that will ensue when ships and people from different time periods encounter one another.

"Alright," Rikar half grinned, her eyes still locked on the Klingon. "If the temporal distortions have been brought to an end… why is he still here?"

"His name is Karg," Elan offered as he took a single step forward. "He was being chased by a rather large group of Romulans."

"He was injured and it was thought to be too dangerous to separate, so we brought him to the Bridge instead," Ensign Lopez added while still attending to the Klingon's wounds.

"My guess is that he was the Klingon our sensors picked up on the Romulan War Bird," Ensign Thomas added as he moved across the Bridge to reclaim his station.

"So he's actually from *our* reality?" The CO rhetorically queried while she tried to imagine how the Klingon had managed to find his way onto a 100-years old Romulan vessel.

"I performed several molecular scans," Ensign Mitshiba, the aCSciO stated as she presented her tricorder to the ANUBIS' CO. "All of the scans I was able to obtain from others showed a quantum variance… in Krag's case there is no sign of this molecular variation… everything points to him being of our time and reality."

"Alright them… Doctor Summers, please transfer your patient to a more suitable location," the redhead said in a tone of voice that hinted her words having been far more than mere suggestion.

"Elan," the CMO began as she turned to face the towering Engineer. "Would you mind carrying him down to Sickbay, in his present condition I am afraid that a trip through the transporter could actually aggravate his condition."

The Oltharian smiled and nodded his understanding and willingness to comply with the demand made of him. As soon as Elan had picked up the Klingon, Doctor Summers and her assistant quickly fell behind and followed, both of their presence no longer having been required on the command deck.

"As soon as the ship is declared fit for travel, resume course for the YUDARA SECTOR," the redheaded woman ordered as she eased herself down into her chair and shot a quick smile in the ILO's direction. "It looks like finding the PARADOX has become more than a simple wild goose chase… it is now an urgent matter."
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