"A Dream is Only a Dream if You Wake Up At The End"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge (Reality #2)
Stardate: 63073.1255
What is time?
To many, it is believed to be an unstoppable and irresistible force that effects everything from the smallest atomic particles to beyond the limits of the universe as a whole. To a few, it is a dimension which can be shaped and manipulated at will thus allowing past, present and future to lose all significance.
The Shillian Scientist had worked on the matter that had befallen the crew of the USS ANUBIS for what had felt to be several hours under the watchful gaze of the man whom in another reality had been her father. After several failed attempts to rectify the situation, the Chief Science Officer had decided to take a moment to rest and indulge in the offer made by Sonah; which was to simply listen to the woman as she recalled adventures and events that had marked her life.
Sonah listened intently as the Shillian recalled her rescue from the doomed world that had been her childhood home to her time on EARTH and her graduation from Starfleet Academy. Although not her father, the elder Shillian listened with pride as the Chief Science Officer spoke of the many friends she had made along her journey and of the wonders that she had experienced.

"You should be very proud of all that you have accomplished," the entity which resembled Sonah offered. "I know that I would be if I were in your shoes. You are truly an amazing young woman."
The Shillian paused for a moment and gazed deeply into the eyes of the older man, the reasons that had made the Scientist dismiss the man for whom he had appeared to be having gradually faded into an unseen background.
"My father always said that he knew I would make him proud one day," the Shillian Scientist admitted with a long, drawn out sigh, "but I never got to hear him say those words."
"My dearest Maya," Sonah began as he gently reached out and touched the Shillian's cheek. "I know that this has been difficult for you, that my being here has made things emotionally complicated for you as you are forced to face a past that you cannot relive and a future that you cannot share with one of your own. I may not be your father, but I can assure you that he would have been exceptionally proud of you."
"Thank you," the Chief Science Officer said in an uncharacteristically short replied.
"Now, maybe it is time for you to allow yourself to complete the task that you have been stopping yourself from accomplishing."
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge (Reality #1)
Stardate: 63073.1255
Ensign Mitshiba and Ensign Thomas had worked long and hard at finding a solution to the temporal anomalies that had engulfed the USS ANUBIS while the others took care of each other and their new passenger.
"How is our Klingon friend?" Ensign Dalziel inquired in a whispered voice of the Chief Medical Officer who had wandered by the Counsellor.
"He will be fine," Lieutenant Summers reported as she glanced in the Klingon's direction, who had been laid in the middle of the bridge on the floor in front of the Captain's chair. "Would have been easier to treat him had we gone to Sickbay though," the Doctor added not at all wanting to have to listen once again to the reasoning which had kept those who had made it to the bridge to remain together and on the command deck.
"Despite what Ensign Mitshiba reported from her scans, he may not even belong to this timeline or reality," Ensign Dalziel pointed out.
"Speaking of which," Ensign Lopez said as she joined the Chief Medical Officer and Counsellor while at the same time sending a glance at the Assistant Chief Science Officer and Chief of Operations. "When are you two going to fix this? I thought you had been able to access the work and research done by Lieutenant Maya?"
"I did," Mitshiba replied, clearly annoyed by something.
"All of the data pertaining to this time distortion is right there in the computer," Ensign Thomas added. "We just cannot access it. It is as if someone or something is blocking us from reaching it."
"Who would do that and why?" the Assistant Security and Tactical Officer demanded, not at all understanding who would want this nightmare to continue.
"There is only one person onboard the USS ANUBIS who can restrict access to the scientific data as described," the Oltharian Engineer stated. "As for the why the data had been thus restricted, we can only theorize as to the reason."
"She does not want this to end," Ensign Dalziel offered with a rather ominous tone.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge (Reality #2)
Stardate: 63073.1300
"Why did you say that?" The Shillian asked referring to the last words spoken by Sonah about it being time for her to allow herself to complete the task she had set to accomplish.
"My dearest Maya, I may not be your father but I am far from being a novice in the areas of physical science and personal psychology. Even without looking at your work station I have been able to determine that you have been finding ways to hinder your own work; the way you nervously looked in my direction as if afraid that I would discover something. Somewhere deep inside, you do not wish for this to end, or for me to leave."
The Shillian Scientist had been ready to unleash a barrage of reasons and facts to prove Sonah wrong, that she had done everything in her power to solve this temporal problem, but in the end no words came out. The more the Chief Science Officer thought about the preposterous accusation brought up against her, the more the Shillian Scientist realised that she had indeed hindered her own work, either subconsciously or not.
"Your friends need you," Sonah said to the Shillian Scientist in a gentle, caring voice as he withdrew his touch from her cheek.

"I am," the Shillian began before she hesitated to finish the sentence.
"You have nothing to be sorry about my dear Maya," Sonah quickly continued. "Just remember that your father is proud of you.
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge (Reality #1)
Stardate: 63073.1305
"Reading a massive build-up of energy in the main deflector," Ensign Thomas announced with great surprise.
"You managed to brake through the data lockout?" The Oltharian questioned, equally surprised by this unexpected turn of events.
"It was not us," Ensign Mitshiba stated as she took several steps back from the science console.
After a few tense seconds the ship was engulfed by a bright flash of light, and when it vanished the members of the crew on the bridge noted that their number had increased by one. The Chief Science Officer had appeared out of nowhere with several tears slowly caressing her cheeks.

Jessica Solarik (maya_992003@yahoo.com)
Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)