"Together At Last"
(Cont. from "Overactive Imagination")

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.1130


Stunned, the Kzinti was literally speechless. Hex watched as myth after myth appeared on the bridge, closing her own mind from imagining anything to frightful. It wasn’t working well… her mother’s face was branded into her mind and her cheek still stung slightly. The officer watched the muscled man disappear slowly, thankful for the release in tension.

“Aki,” Hex managed to gasp, “Was that your imagination then?”

Ensign Mitshiba had turned a bright red but answered truthfully, “I was thinking of mythology on EARTH and he sort of… popped into my head.”

“I can see why” Hex muttered playfully, grinning at the aSciO. The fantasy human was obviously something that the aCSciO was used to seeing.

[[I wonder what mother would say if someone like him were to go to KZINTI PRIME…]] Hex thought, quickly cutting it off. It was too late, with an inward groan; the Kzinti watched the space between Eve and Aki shimmer. The Ensign prepared for the worst as a body began to form.

“Aki…” Eve warned, looking at the shape with slight annoyance, “who is it this time?”

“I didn’t, I swear, my mind is clear.” Aki responded defensively, looking at Hex a moment.

What appeared was not her mother, to the Kzinti’s relief, but another member from her past. Relief vanished and Hex froze in fear, it was her brother. Damon now stood in his traditional traveling robes on the bridge.

“Little sister…” he hissed, walking up to close enough to touch her before realizing that they weren’t alone, “you have a lot to answer to…”

“Aki, Eve… I’d like you both to meet my older brother Damon,” Hex stated with only a brief hesitation. With the others in their direct presence, Hex wasn’t as scared of her brother as before.

Damon did what the officer thought was very strange, he actually wrapped his arm around his sister's shoulders and offered a wide smile to the others, “Pleased to make your acquaintance I’m sure, but I really must be going, don’t want to be late for the wedding.”

The other officers glanced at Hex questioningly, which she merely shook her head, to fragile-feeling to respond directly to anything with words. Damon felt her move and tightened his grip on her, pressing his fingers against her collar bone directly over her scar. The Kzinti gasped, he was threatening her.

Hex was tired of the family reunions and the forced marriage she was never planning to accept. Closing her eyes the Ensign tried to imagine Damon away, knowing she’d get questions about it later. Gradually she noticed that the grip on her arms was gone.

“Hex, do I have to arrange an appointment for you too?” Ensign Dalziel sighed; trying to make a mental note of how many patients she’d received after this little trip was over and done with.

“NO!” Hex protested, feeling a sudden panic-stricken fear rise into her throat. The rest of her protest was cut short when she heard the doors to the bridge open.

All those in the bridge turned to see Elan carrying a wounded Klingon through, swiftly followed by Ensign Lopez and Summers as well as the ship’s computer Annie. They looked relieved to see the other senior officers in the room.

The Kzinti moved away from the opening a few steps, trying to put as much distance in between her and the Oltharian as she could without the others noticing. This was all just getting better and better.

Ashley Shane (crazyoneofthenight@hotmail.com)
Ensign Hex Fanngot
Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical