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"Unfriendly Skies"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.1925

From the tactical station the new Chief of Security and tactical Officer kept a close watch on the battle cruiser as the phase variance dropped.  There had been no reason for Ya'Han to trust the Yxidii in anyway, or to believe that they had not been responsible for what had been happening around the moon.  The conflict faced by the black haired woman had been that if the alien race had caused the reduction in the phase variance to happen, they would have proven themselves to actually be on the side of the ANUBIS.

Despite this revelation, Ya'Han could not bring herself to trust the blue skinned race in the slightest, so she manned her station and kept any reservations she had silent.  The Chief of Security had been convinced that the Yxidii were playing some sort of game and she had every intentions on discovering what it was and how the missing officers were implicated in it.

"Phase variance now at 12.225," Ensign Stark said from his station, the numbers having steadily gone down but not enough to yet prove to be of any real significance to the ANUBIS and its continued search for its missing officers.

"Any movements or activity from the Yxidii ship?" Commander Maya asked, the acting First Officer needing to have all available information at her immediate disposal to make the proper call should things continue along the path that they had been heading in.

"The battle cruiser is performing constant sensor sweeps of the moon," Ya'Han replied as she looked down to her instruments.  "I am not detecting anything else, but they could be affecting the interference field from another location and through means which cannot be detected by our instruments."

"It must burn you that they may actually be helping us," Jayson said with a pleased grin dancing on his face.  "Nothing worst than having an enemy proving that they are anything but.  Phase variance now at 12.188."

"The phase variance will need to be well below 10 before we can consider trying a sensor sweep of our own," Commander Maya said sounding almost impatient at the speed at which the variance had been dropping.

"The moment you give the word I will move the ANUBIS directly below the Yxidii ship," the OPS officer said.  "That way we will have a directly line of sight and most of our weapons will still be able to be used should they give us any sort of trouble."

As much as she might have come to dislike the man, Ya'Han had to admit that Jayson Stark had been a good officer, one who gave consideration to several possibilities when faced with a specific situation.  For a brief moment the Chief of Security thought that she might have something to learn from him, not that she would ever let him know this.

"Again, we are not to open fire unless I explicitly say so," the acting First Officer reminded the Chief of Security without actually sounding apprehensive.  Commander Maya seemed to understand the dislike of the Chief of Security and simply wanted to make sure that the situation would not be made worse by any slip of an itchy trigger finger.

"Phase variance now at 11.972," Jayson reported, the man having ever so slightly begun to lean forward over his station.

"No changes on the status of that battle cruiser," Ya'Han added right after.  "There is no way that they are not seeing what we see.  I would just love to know what they plan to do about it, if they are not the ones actually responsible for it."

"Based on their previous action of bringing Ensign Doyanne, Ensign Stark and myself back to the ANUBIS, we must hold on to the idea that they are planning on doing the same with the rest of the away team," Maya said, her eyes locked onto the main view screen.  "Still we must be prepared to act or react should something unexpected happen."

Silence took hold of the bridge as everyone waited for the phase variance to drop to 10 or for the unexpected to cross their path.  Unspoken bets were made by each person on the command deck as to which would happen first.

"I think I have your unexpected right here," the black haired Chief of Security said with a short sigh.  "Sensors have picked up five Akitashiinu ships heading in on a rapid intercept course.  Their weapons are armed and ready. They are coming in looking for a fight."

"So it looks like whatever it is that is happening, they are not all too happy about it," the OPS officer said, having shifted his attention to the ship's flight systems instead of the sensor readouts.

"Helm, stand-by for evasive maneuvers should any of the Akitashiinu ships target us," Commander Maya ordered as she lowered herself into the command chair.  "Tactical, ready all system but only return fire on my command.  Our primary objective is to hold our position until we can get a clean line-of-sight to the moon and hopefully get our people back in one piece.

As Ya'Han watched on her instruments the rapidly approaching ships, the Chief of Security could not help but be thankful for their arrival as it would keep the battle cruiser busy and hopefully allow them a more direct access to the moon without having to challenge the orders that the black haired woman had received several times.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer