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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.1110

The young woman stood in the middle of the ANUBIS' command deck… her enraged narrowed eyes pierced to the soul of the raven haired woman currently sitting in *her* chair. Once long ago that woman had almost cost Rikar her career as a Starfleet officer… but worse she had almost cost the redhead her life with the ship's Intel Operative and their daughter Talia.

"YOU!" Enaii let out as she appeared at the ExO's station in response to both women having thought of one another. After what the Intel Operative had just endured she had been more than happy to see her wife… at least as happy as she would have let anyone see, but when she noted the presence of the black haired woman the ILO's mood instantly changed.

Over the many years that the Intel Operative had worked, she had come to only truly hate a handful of individuals… and the raven haired woman now sitting in the ANUBIS' command chair had been one of the unfortunate few to have made that particular list. Enaii quickly made her way around the stations located behind the command level and joined her wife in the middle of the Bridge. It was only then that the reality of the situation became obvious to the ILO.
"How?" the Operative questioned, the redhead appearing utterly at a loss to explain this occurrence and the black haired woman grinning from ear-to-ear not at all caring about the question or even its answer.

Scene: USS EXPLORER, Sickbay
Time Index: Several days after the void

Only minutes away from death the young woman had been rescued by the crew of a passing Ferengy cargo vessel. Given the woman assets many on the crew had expected to get a share of the sizable price such a form would have fetched on the Orion slave market. Unfortunately for them their Daimon had decided that selling a Starfleet Officer, regardless of her curves, to the Orions had simply been too dangerous.

By the time the Ferengy ship had contacted the USS EXPLORER and set course to rendezvous with the vessel, the Starfleet officer had awakened and begun to make a nuisance of herself. Having been near death had been bad enough, but to wake up on a Ferengy ship had proven to be too much for the woman. Within a few hours of her stay onboard the Daimon had been more than happy to hand their *prize*, whom they had managed to sedate, back to the Federation without even having asked for any compensation.

The young woman was leaning back against her elbows while still being on the biobed, a puzzled grin painted on her pink lips as the EXPLORER's Doctor and Nurse looked back at her with disbelief in their eyes.

"I tell you... I don't remember. I *do* remember being in a very dark and cold room... but as hard as I try, I can't remember where that room was or how I got there in the first place." The woman said, pleading her case as best she could, the fatigue she still felt clearly visible on her face.

"Welcome to the USS EXPLORER Lieutenant Commander. I am Captain Samantha Carter and if you are at all able and strong enough, I would like to ask you a few questions." Samantha said as she walked into Sickbay having been alerted as to their guest awakened state minutes earlier. The usage of the mysterious woman's rank during the greeting had served a hidden agenda... that of testing the woman's immediate knowledge and memory in the hopes of shedding some light onto her undisclosed past and assignment.

"Thank you Captain... although I have to admit to being at somewhat of a loss as to explain how I arrived into the tender care of your medical staff. As I have repeatedly told your CMO, I don't remember much." The woman said, expecting the EXPLORER's CO to pursue the line of questing the Doctor and Nurse had started almost as soon as she had regained full consciousness.

"Please forgive my bluntness, but you seem to be nothing short of a full blown mystery. Starfleet Operations said that there was no Federation vessel in the sector and that your assignment was stated as being 'Classified' doesn’t answer any of the questions which your rescue has brought to the table."

"That reminds me... I owe you and your crew a very large 'thank you'. I do vaguely remember having a rather rough time with a group of Ferengi. The best I can guess is that they found me and rescued me from wherever I was before you came along and rescued me from them." The woman said, a genuinely grateful smile having come to grace her pink lips.

"Doc?" Carter asked as she turned to face the CMO, wondering if he had anything more to add.

"Other than her exposure to an extreme cold for an undetermined period of time, she could have suffered one or more psychological shock that would have caused this lost of memory. As much as you might want to have me give you more, I can't... I'm a medical Doctor not a Counsellor. All I can base my prognosis on is the results of the medical scans… and in this case they are not telling us a whole lot more than the obvious."

"Captain... I swear... I have no reason to hide anything from you. I want to have the answers to these exact same questions as much as you do." The woman said trying to get up but rapidly reconsidering as her head began to spin.
"Take it easy." The Nurse jumped in with, taking hold of the young woman before she found a way to fall off the biobed she was on.

"You may have regained consciousness, but your body is still extremely weak. You'll need to rest for at least another 12 to 15 hours before I even consider allowing you to get off this bed." The CMO added, ready to reach for a hypospray should the woman argue or even resist.

The young woman eased her head back onto the pillow vaguely remembering similar words of wisdom having been spoken by another CMO in what felt like a lifetime ago.

"Then I have only one question to ask you at this time." The Captain said, having given both the Doctor and Nurse time to ease the young woman back down onto the biobed.

"I'll do my best to answer it Captain."

"What is your name? Starfleet Operations was only kind enough to provide us with your rank and first initial. It would be nice to know what to call you unless you actually prefer Lt. Cmdr. S. Rikar?"

The red headed woman chuckled briefly before the smile that had been on her pink lips vanished as if it had never been there. She knew her name... but for one reason or another saying it aloud had proven harder than she had thought... as if something had not been right with it. Eventually Rikar simply shook her head and met the Captain's inquisitive gaze.

"Sa... Sam... Samantha… my name is Samantha Rikar."

Time Index: Several Months after her rescue

With a new lease on life and an inability to discover more about her previous existence, the young woman had decided to leave her past behind and start anew. Her fiery red hair had been coloured as black as night and her general attitude towards life itself had become one of absolute abandonment… to enjoy life now because tomorrow she might be dead.

The universe, not being without a sense of irony, brought the young woman's path and that of the Intel Operative only known as Enaii back together just in time for Samantha Rikar to announce her engagement to someone else.
It was only days before the actual wedding that the persona of Sabrina emerged once again and reasserted itself as the one and only *owner* of the body, mind and soul that *Samantha* had stolen, and had been rather unwilling to return.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.1115

"Trust me Enaii," the young woman replied to the one word question presented by her wife, "I've been trying to figure it out since she appeared on the Bridge."

"See…" Samantha grinned with unimaginable satisfaction, "my way is so much better. Who cares? I am here and you two will just have to deal with it… it's that simple."

"Deal with this," the ILO snarled as she leaped forward and wrapped her hands around the raven haired woman's throat.

"ENAII!" Sabrina called out in panic. "If this is some sort of temporal anomaly, killing her could kill *me*."

The ILO ever so slowly released her hold on Samantha's neck while still debating on the consequences and relative odds of her desired action. The thought of killing Samantha had been an alluring one, but the possibility of losing Sabrina, as she had once lost Liana had been too much for the Operative to handle… so she withdrew to several steps behind the redhead to insure that nothing would happen from her end.

The ANUBIS' CO took a moment to logically analyse the situation, for the first time allowing her mind instead of her emotions to dictate her words. "Samantha… you and I cannot be here… not like this," the redhead stated as she drew back on her knowledge as a former Chief Science Officer. "We are both the same person… at least in body if not in thought… and we can only exists together as long as we stay within the limits of whatever temporal phenomenon has created you. The moment we leave this place, you will cease to exist, and as this ship's CO I can assure you that we *will* be leaving."

"So you would deny me my life a *second* time?" Samantha queried, not displaying any fear or concerns. "You have been given a second chance… one that is allowing you to leave everything behind and start fresh… think of all the fun and adventures we could have if you just left this 'Federation puppet' act behind."

"The only thing I need to leave behind to have a full and happy life," Sabrina offered with a gentle smile on her pink lips, "is you."

With that Samantha Rikar vanished into nothingness and left the ANUBIS' CO and ILO alone on the Bridge.
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Captain Sabrina Rikar
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"We are Grey, we stand between the Candle and the Star, between the Darkness and the Light"
-Entilza Delenn, Babylon 5