"Kittens Would Have Been Better"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Corridor
Stardate: 63073.1110

The group of officers led by Annie had finally reached one of the turbolift without any further incident, everyone having managed to keep their thoughts well in check.  The possibility of dealing with a less furry but likely far more unpleasant encounter as the one they had come across during their travel had been incentive enough for each member of the group.

Ensign Lopez had found it easy to keep her thoughts from drifting onto something other than the feeling of Oltharian's protective arms around her.  There had been something calming about Elan's hold on her, a hold that she grew to cherish more as time passed.  Doctor Summers had spoken of the race's adoration for anyone working in the field of medicine, but to experience this first hand had given Adriana a totally new perspective into the ANUBIS' CEO as well as his people.

"Bridge," Annie said as the doors to the turbolift closed.  The Avatar had not needed to use the voice interface but had chosen to do so for the benefit of the other members of the group.

As the pod began to move Adriana felt Elan's hold on her weaken, a feeling that the aCMO quickly noticed and drew her gaze up to meet that of the giant.  "You are safe now Healer," the CEO stated with a smile which the Ensign returned without hesitation as she found the absence of the Oltharian's arms to be less than welcomed.  A glance in the CMO's direction though quickly indicated that Lea had been happy to see the some distance between the two officers.

Ensign Lopez made a mental note to delicately brush the subject of the Olthairan with her superior to see if there had been some sort of relationship between the two of them, one that extended beyond the confines of their professional duties.

"Internal sensors are picking up weapons' fire," Annie suddenly announced.  "Deck 3, near transporter room 2."

"We should check it out," Elan said with a clear concern for his fellow shipmates.

"With these distorted realities who knows what was conjured," the CMO added.  "They may require medical assistance."

"I think the situation may be more urgent than that," the Avatar continued.  "I have identified the type of weapons used; Romulan disruptors."

"Either the Romulan from that War Bird have found a way to get onboard or someone decided to think-up a group of Romulans," Adriana sighed heavily.  "Either way this is not good."

"Redirecting turbolift pod to transporter room 2," the Avatar reported with an uneasy calmness.  "Arrival in 8 seconds."

The rest of the group required no further warning to prepare for what they would be landing in the middle of.  Phasers were quickly drawn and brought to full readiness by Elan and Annie while the two medical officers braced themselves for what they had hoped would not be carnage.

The moment the doors opened a single figure rushed inside and tackled the Oltharian to the ground as the blasts from Romulan disruptors filled the air and impacted against the back of the pod.  Annie quickly lowered herself to one knee to reduce her exposure and returned fire while Doctor Summers and Ensign Lopez did their best to address the issue within their reach.

"A Klingon?" Adriana said as she rolled the body that had knocked Elan down off the stunned CEO.  "And he's hurt; I count at least 3 disruptor impacts to his back."

"I am Karg," the wounded Klingon barely managed having been brought to near death by the multiple weapons' hit he had received at the hands of the Romulans.  "Please help me."

"Annie!" Elan called out, the urgency in his voice made it clear to the Avatar that she had been authorize to use whatever means at her disposal to bring this situation to an end.

"Initiating emergency containment," Annie said as her eyes closed for a brief moment.  "Force fields are now in place, adding 100 parts per thousand of Trichloromethane to oxygen supply."

"100 parts per *thousand*?!?  Isn't that overdoing it a little?" Doctor Summers gasped as a fraction of this would have been more than sufficient to knock out a fully grown man.  The reply came in the form of several loud thumps as the Romllans dropped to the ground like dead lead weights.

"Never trust a Romulan," the Avatar said with what had almost been a smile.  "Plus it means that they will not be causing any more damage to my corridors for a long while."

Marissa Montonera-Lombardi (mmlm24@gmail.com)

Ensign Adriana Lopez
Assistant Chief Medical Officer