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"Trust Issues"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.1900

"They just turned their backs to us," the Chief of Security gasped, not sure if she was stunned or angry by the maneuver.  The fact that the main view screen now displayed the rear section of the imposing Yxidii battle cruiser only made matters worse for the black haired Ensign.

"Means they are not looking for a fight, and they don`t see us as a threat" the Chief of Operations said with confusion.  "It that a problem?"

"It's insulting, disrespectful and just plain rude," Ya'Han said as she crossed her arms over her chest displaying for all to see her displeasure.  "What's stopping us from blowing them clear across to the other side of that moon?"

"A great many things are stopping us Ensign," Command Maya answered calmly, the situation not having phased the woman in the least.  "That we are a Federation starship and that we do not go out of our way to get into a fight would likely be among the top reasons as to why we are not acting as you have just suggested."

"What's got you so worked up?" Jayson asked, not understanding where the anger of the Chief of Security had come from.  "Something about being at the tactical station and needing to blow something up?"

Ya'Han glared back at Jayson not sure as to what to say or even if she should say anything at all.  The Chief of Security had been ready for a fight, had expected one and had gone as far as to almost trigger one.  That the Yxidii had just given them a verbal lashing before ignoring them had proven to be more than the black haired woman could handle.

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Sitting at the back of the dirty cargo hold, the young fugitive held her legs close to her shivering body. There had been two reason for this posture, the first having been to help Ya`Han keep warm as there had been limited heat in the room she had been put in for the journey. The other had been to offer some level of protection from the men who had allowed her onboard.

Her need to escape quickly had been greater than her need to find safe travel arrangements. This had caused the runaway to make several hasty decisions, one of which had been to select that specific ship over any other.  No questions had been asked by the crew and the ship had been small enough not to draw the attention of the patrols.  Truth be known, Ya`Han figured that no one would have ever expected a daughter of the High Sovereign to be inside such a rundown trade vessel.

From the moment she had stepped inside the ship Ya`Han had felt distrust towards the crew.  There had been something about the way they walked, they way they spoke, and most important the way they looked at her that had instilled that feeling.  Not having had any other alternatives for her escape though, she had been left with no other choice but to make due with her feelings.

Since this had been the first time the youngest daughter of the High Sovereign had ever felt this way, Ya`Han did her best to dismiss it as having been nothing more than a childish fear.  During her travels away from her home world though Ya`Han would learn in the harshest of ways to trust that feeling more and more beyond any other.

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"I just don't trust them," Ya'Han admitted through clenched teeth after an awkward silence.

"You may be right not to trust them as it is obvious that they have been holding back crucial information from us," Commander Maya said as she made her way to the tactical station where the Chief of Security had been standing.  "That though is not enough for us to allow our feelings to cloud our judgement.  I understand that you have had more dealings with the Yxidii than either one of us," the Commander said as she pointed to the Chief of Operations and herself, "but your dislike of them should not dictate your or our actions towards them."

"Like it or not, it is because of them that the Commander, Doctor Doyanne and myself are here instead of you being alone dealing with them," Ensign Stark added.  "As much as you may not want them to be, it looks like we are on the same side, or at the very least in the same general area."

Reluctantly Ya'Han nodded her head having conceded the point to the other two officers.  Whatever feelings she might have held against the race had originated from a different lifetime guided by different rules.  The young runaway had grown up in many ways and no longer found herself defenceless against the evils of the universe.

It had been true that the Yxidii had been standing in their way to find their missing officers, but not knowing the full story had caused the Chief of Security to assume a great many things.  From these assumptions, fears had come to cloud her judgement and actions.  As the Chief of Security and Tactical Officer of the USS ANUBIS there had been no need for the Ensign to fear the Yxidii or anything else for that matter.

"My apologies Commander, I allowed my personal feelings to get the better of me," the black haired woman said with a gentle smile and a bruised pride.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer