"Trouble Along The Way"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Corridor
Stardate: 63073.1100

The ANUBIS had never felt so large, and the Bridge as distant as it did right now. With every stray thought a potential hazard, the small band of officers had moved carefully through the corridors. Several times along their journey the CMO had wished to have the mental control of a Vulcan. Lea had figured that to be able to push back all emotions and irrelevant thoughts would have been useful.

That idea hung in Doctor Summers' mind for a while and eventually led the CMO to think of the ANUBIS' ILO. Enaii had not been Vulcan, at least not genetically, but the woman had often displayed a control of her thoughts similar to those of that race. Lea grinned to herself as she thought that the Intel Operative acted far more Romulan than anything else.

Fear quickly washed over Lea as she realized what she had been thinking. Visions of the *evil* Enaii back in Sickbay snapping Adriana's neck instantly turned the CMO's stomach. The Doctor needed to control her thoughts, and quickly before something happened. In an effort to ward off these images Doctor Summers imagined things as far away from what Enaii represented. Happy thoughts, such as birthdays, celebrations were quickly summoned. Gentle and peaceful thoughts quickly followed, like flowers and kittens.

Lea felt a surge of peacefulness wash over her as these thoughts took hold. She had not understood why but the CMO felt powerless to fight this feeling. As if she had been floating, Doctor Summers felt light, almost giddy, a sensation that she could have enjoyed for hours and hours.

Unfortunately for her, someone interrupted the CMO's train of thoughts with a rather abrupt calling of her name.


Doctor Summers jumped as if she had just been awakened from a deep sleep. It had not taken long for Lea to realize why she had been snapped back into reality so forcefully. Dozens upon dozens of small, furry kittens covered the floor for as far as the eyes could see. As adorable as each and every one of them had been, the scene in general had been more of a nightmare than a dream.

"Kittens?" Elan asked his politeness and respect for the ANUBIS' CMO not having wavered despite his puzzlement.

"Sorry," Lea sheepishly replied. "Trust me though; the alternative would be much, much worse."

"As pleasant as these creatures may be,"' the Avatar said. "It would make our journey easier if we did not have to step around them."

"I'm guessing you want me to wish them away," Lea said, still a little amused by the scene she had inadvertently created.

"The alternative would be much, much worse," Annie said in a voice that perfectly imitated that of Doctor Summers.

"That wasn't funny," Lea grimaced. "If you are going to imitate someone while saying something like that, do Enaii. Dispatching innocent kittens seems to be far more her thing than mine."

"You just summon them into existence," Elan playfully added. The CEO knew that the Avatar's words had not been meant as an insult or any other type of affront. The words had just fit the situation too perfectly for the android to ignore.

Lea sighed, closed her eyes and focused her thoughts onto the kittens. To see them vanish had not been enough for the CMO who had not wanted to injure them in anyway. Real or not, those lovely little creatures had deserved something better than to simply be thoughts into oblivion. So Doctor Summers imagined the entire litter transported into another world, a heavenly placed for kittens. Large climbing trees and countless balls of strings were scattered in an endless grassy field.

When Lea reopened her eyes the corridor had returned to its original state, not a single fur ball could be seen.

"There," Lea said with a smile. "No more kittens, now we can make it to the bridge unhindered."

"We can hope," Elan whispered as the band of officers resumed their perilous journey to the ANUBIS' Bridge.

Tiffany Rose (lady.tiffany.rose@gmail.com)

Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer