"Something Changed"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.1845

The interference field that surrounded the moon had made things very difficult for the ANUBIS and its staff.  Commander Maya and Doctor Doyanne had found a way to poke holes through it but that had helped only a little, giving them a way to track the movements of the majority of the away team.

Luck had actually been on their side.  The unseen force had kept the Yxidii battle cruise out of their way to allow them to find their missing officers.  Like all thins though, luck had its limits and there had been no way to know how long it would hold.  The odds would be that the alien ship would return and its crew would be in a less than pleasant mood.

Time was against them on every front.  Everyone knew this and worked against it to find a solution that would be one step higher than the cookies that had been sent down.  It might not have been the best possible solution, but it had been a step in the right direction.  Six cookies for six people, a simple message that said more than most would have understood from it.  One of the hidden messages had been that the others were safe and that the away team had been found.

Jayson sighed in frustration as he scratched his head not having been able to think any more on the problem at hand.  Getting through the interferrence field had been the first step but they had still been miles away of being able to beam any of them back up or even open a communications channel.  Unable to do more at that time, Jayson turned his attention to the screen that displayed the location of the members of the away team.

Dots on a screen. That had been all that he could see, and it was all that he knew of what had been happening below the moon's surface.  What bugged Jayson the most was that there had been no sign of the *dot* that had vanished a little while back.  Had the officer been moved to a secured location? Had something been blocking the narrow-band particle beams in that area?  Had the officer met an unfortunate end leaving there to be nothing for the beam to find?

All that he could do was to work at his station and continue the search in hope that something would change.  As if the universe had heard him, his unvoiced wish was answered.

"They're on the move."

Jayson's announcement followed his having noticed on his console that the members of the away team they had manage to locate were changing location as a group.  The problem was that there had still been no way to know where they were heading to and if it was away or towards the one member of the team that had been lost .

"Something has happened, the Yxidii battle cruise is moving as well, and they're heading back in our direction."

Ya'Han said from the tactical station, her fingers already hovering over the ANUBIS' weapons' controls.

Silence spread on the bridge as all eyes watched the large Yxidii ship turn and rush back to its earlier position between the ANUBIS and the moon.  Had they figured out the ruse that had been used against them or had something else happened.  Either way it was easy to see that the answer would not be long in coming.


Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark