"Shared Madness"
(Cont. from "Where")

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.1055

The aCSciO had focused her thoughts on the science station in the hopes that she would be able to understand what the rhythmic power fluctuations had meant, and also in the hopes that her latest guest would just go away.

[[It has to be a message of some sort,]] Aki thought having found it extremely difficult to concentrate with the jackal-headed being wandering the bridge.  [[I just have to figure out what the message is and who sent it?]]

"I demand an explanation," the imposing dark colored deity suddenly requested, his voice thundered through the bridge with such force that Aki had almost been thrown off her chair.  "If this place is a temple dedicated to me, where are the priests?  Where is the altar with your offerings to me?"  When no reply was offered the Egyptian deity approached the only other person in the room, a new possibility having been considered.  "Are you meant to be a virgin sacrifice for me?"

If the words themselves had not been enough to make Aki immediately react, the tone of anxious anticipation in the creature's voice had definitively been more than enough to end the aCSciO's efforts to ignore the jackal-headed deity.

"You want an explanation," Aki shot back obviously not fearing the creature in the least.  "Well here it is: you are on board the Federation Starship USS ANUBIS, which is presently caught in the middle of a space-time anomaly that is as best as I can figure causing thoughts to become reality.  You are one such thought given form, and as much as I hate to admit it, it was my thoughts that brought you into existence.  Granted I did not specifically think of you but given the general directions of my thoughts and my current location you having appeared as you did does make some weird sense.  In short, you are not real, even if this anomaly does bridge both time and space, you cannot be real as you have never actually physically existed.  The idea of you, the concept of your appearance and purpose were created out of fear and wonder by the Egyptian people back on EARTH some 3000 years ago.  Now if you don't mind, I have work to do," the aCSciO unleashed in a way that reminded her of her superior, Lt. Commander Maya.  [[I hope Eve will have some free time in her schedule because I'm going to need several sessions with her after this.]]

Aki forced her way passed the dark, imposing figure to reach the engineering station from where the aCSciO had hoped to gather more information on the power fluctuations occurring at the science station.  Before her hands even touched the panel the voice of the ANUBIS' Cns pulled Aki away from her intended task.

"Aki?  Who is you 'tall, dark and furry' friend?" Eve asked while Hex stood unsure if she needed to jump to the aCSciO's defense and rescue or find a corner to hide in.

The Jackal-headed deity turned and growled menacingly towards the two women who had simply appeared out of nowhere as far as it had been concerned.

"That may not be such an easy question to answer," Aki replied, trying to figure out the best way possible to explain the situation.  After a few seconds of deliberation the aCSciO opted for the simplest possible course of action.  "Allow me to introduce to you the physical representation of the Egyptian deity; Anubis."

"You and I are going to have a *very* long chat about this," Eve hissed at Aki before she returned her eyes onto the imposing figure that easily matched the CEO in height and size.

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Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
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