"Shattered Tranquility"
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Setting: Moon of PI ALPHA III, Underground cave system
Stardate: 30148.1820

"Where is she?" Shar'El ask having seen a partial memory of the ship's ACMO in the mind of the Akitashiinu who had so quickly passed by them.  It had taken a great deal of effort for the ILO to make sense of the images and sensations that she found within the alien minds but thanks to the help of Counselor Dalziel the task had been made a great deal easier.

From confusion at the incomprehensible images sees in the mind of the Akitashiinu, to discomfort at experiencing the primal rage of the silicon-based canine race, the ILO had been given refuge in the peace and tranquility one of Eve's specific memories of RISA.  The single image of a lazy sunrise over the calm waters surrounding the Jorus island had been more than enough to immediately put Shar'El in a state of relaxation.  The emotions that followed only serve to wash the black haired woman of any and all trouble that she had experienced allowing for the Intel Liaison Officer to come back as the person she was.

"Seska is nowhere to be seen," Wydran said, the towering FCO having returned to his feet, his height granting him a unique vantage point to survey the room.

"What I find strange is the lack of alarm or visible concern from our hosts," the redheaded engineer huffed.  "You would think they would be mad as hornets to lose one of us like that."

"They did seem to be rather interested in keeping us here, especially after the Captain was taken away," Eve confirmed as she glanced around the room to see the lack of concern the CEO had just mentioned.

"What bothers me is the fact that the Captain's instructions were as clear as could be, well at least they were to me," the CEO said as she recalled the gesture from their CO that ordered them to remain seated and where they were.  Wherever Captain Morningstar would be taken to, the last thing he likely needed to do was to worry about his crew.  

"Tactically speaking it also made more sense for us to remain together in this case," Shar'El added.  "Not only would it make it easier for the ANUBIS to find and rescue us, but it allowed us to react as a single unit to whatever might happen.  As guests of the Akitashiinu it also made it easier for them to protect us from another Yxidii attack."

"And that is where none of this makes any sense," the CEO sighed.  "As their prisoners those dog faced aliens should have hit the roof the moment one of us escaped.  As their guest, you would think that they would scramble under the idea that our ACMO was abducted.  Yet they are relatively going about their business as if it had been normal for Ensign Mizore to just go wondering back into the caves."

"Normal, no," Eve said with a seriousness that reflected her Cardassian heritage a little more than the CNS might have wanted.  "I suspect that it was more along the lines of expected or maybe even hoped for."

"Why would they want her to go wondering back into the caves?" The FCO asked as he leaned down to make sure his voice did not carry too far.

"Maybe not her specifically," the ILO said.  "The Akitashiinu  might have set the trap for any one of us to take and Seska was the lucky one that did."

"That is just great," Sonja uttered in frustration.  "I am going to wipe those ridges clean off that nose when we find her.

"Let's not jump to any conclusion," Eve quickly added, trying her best to be the peacekeeper in this situation.  "We have no idea as to what happened or why.  All we have is the lack of visible response from the Akitashiinu to guide us.  For all we know they might be turning this moon inside-out searching for her."

"Well someone better find that Bajoran Doctor quick," the redhead signed in defeat.  "Looks like her condition is contagious and spreading."

"Her condition?" Wydran and Eve asked in unison.

"Seska being overly optimistic," Shar'El replied through a heavy sigh having caught the intended joke of the frustrated Lt. JG Paquette.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer