"Wandering With One Purpose"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 16, Black Hole
Stardate: 63073.1230

Elliot had been looking out of the window at the far side of the Black Hole lounge, when he was approached from behind and tapped on the shoulder by the only other person he had encountered.

"So laddy what are we going to do about this wee situation that were in?  It's not like we can drink oor lives away," asked engineer Scotty.

ET turned with a smile on his face and looked at the engineer and replied, "Well we could always see if there is anyway we can contact any of the other crew, I've had a few ideas since we've been here in the Black Hole, now some of them are logical and some are really way out there, but your right we cant just sit here and do nothing, so Scotty what do you say we head to the bridge and see what we can find out?"

The red uniformed Starfleet officer just looked at the Ensign, and if Elliot could read minds he would have thought that the engineer was upset with his decision and at just that point Scotty admitted, "I'm sorry laddy but I do think we could find out more fae goin tae engineering, after all there's no one that kens mair aboot engineering than me laddy and I certainly would like tae get a look at this fine lady's core," as he opens both his arms wide as if to show off the ship to ET.

Ensign Thomas as qualified as he was in his field, he could not help himself from agreeing with the engineering officer and stated "Your right Scotty, after all you may come across something that may help, and if not we can go to the bridge after that and try to figure out our next move then."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 16, Corridors
Stardate: 63073.1235

This seemed to make then engineer happy cause all he could do as they walked the corridors towards engineering was to smile.

On their way down the corridors Elliot thought that he had saw someone turn the corner at the bottom, and ran towards the vision that he had seen shouting, "Wait! Wait! its me Elliot Thomas Chief of Op... " he stopped in mid sentence as he turned the corner to be staring straight at his brother and croaked "Bob? is that really you?"

ET's older brother Bob just looked at him and cackled, "No it's actually Master Bob to you numpty."

Elliot could not help himself but quickly moved forward and hugged his brother, after a short time Bob commented with a smile. "Bro I think you should stop hugging me, if people see us your going to ruin your rep."

"Oh, I've got someone for you to meet are going to love this, you are bound to know him, I'm telling you that you are not going..." again the COO had been caught in mid sentence, he looked all around him and started quickly walking down corridors then inquired, "Where is he?"

"Where's who?" replied the starship maintenance worker.

Elliot apologized, "Oh I'm sorry bro, I was looking for Scotty.  He was right behind me."

Bob had a curious look on his face when he stated, "Scotty who?"

"Aw come on, the guy..." Elliot paused then continued, "the guy that was the engineer on the Enterprise."

The starship maintenance worker just looked at his brother with his jaw wide open then chirped, "You mean Montgomery Scott the Enterprise engineer?  You mean that he was here?  You mean he was here speaking to you?"

ET smiled and giggled, "Yeah that's the guy, but as quick as you appeared he disappeared, a bit weird eh?"

Bob just started at his brother and commented sarcastically, "You get to speak to Montgomery Scott and I get to speak to you.  Oh this is just perfect."


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Ensign Elliot Thomas.
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