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"Chaos All Around"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.1810

The new Chief of Security could not help but smile as she watched the Yxidii Battle Cruiser madly rushing around like a Ferengi who had lost a few slips of gold-pressed latium. The ruse of imbuing a few of the asteroids with an energy signature that matched that of the Akitashiinu ships had proven to be far more successful than anyone could have imagined or even hoped for.

Thanks to this, it had been easy for ANI and Ensign Stark to use the modified particle beams to search and actually locate the majority of the members of the crew who had still been in the moon's underground passages and rooms.  The item used to actually communicate with the team on the moon had been unique to say the last, but the overall logic had been perfect, unfortunately there had been no way for those on board the ANUBIS to know if the cookies had actually reached the intended person and if she had understood the full message.

A flashing light from her station made Ya'Han look down to see what had caused the alarm.  "Looks like the Yxidii Battle Cruiser has stopped searching for the invisible Akitashiinu ships," the dark haired Chief of Security said from the Tactical station.

"Are they showing any signs of returning?" Commander Maya asked, knowing that their return to block their direct line of sight to the moon would make them lose what little contact they had managed to get with their missing officers.

"No, right now they seems to be staying in the same place, searching or waiting or both," Ya'Han answered, her eyes never moving away from the information being displayed at the Tactical station.  "My guess is that they are trying to figure out what is going on. Either that or they are waiting for another *ship* to appear for them to go after.  Either way I can imagine that their CO is scratching that big bald blue head of his."

"Maybe so, but may I suggest that we wait to see what happens before giving them another signal to go investigate," Stark said.  "If we do this too much they might get wise to the trick and come back to us in a less than happy mood."

"It would be interesting to see an Yxidii showing a happy mood, or any mood for that matter," Ya'Han said in return, not able to imagine that race as appearing anything else than an inter stellar brute from another dimension.  "Those guys just look nasty, almost as bad as a Ferengi."

"You should have seen those Akitashiinu," Stark shot back almost instantly.  "They are nowhere in the running for Miss Universe, that much I can tell you.  As for the Ferengi, what is it with you and that race?  Granted they are not the warm and cuddly type, but you seem to have a chip on your shoulder when it comes to them."

"That discussion will have to be settled at another time.  Ensign Ya'Han, please have all defensive systems on full readiness status," Commander Maya said as she joined the new Chief of Security at the Tactical station.  "If they come back wanting an explanation or even looking for a fight, I do not want to make things easy for them.  This of course means that we have to keep out attention on the situation at hand."

"No worries Commander, "Ya'Han said with a faint grin, glad that she would not have to explain herself to the other Ensign or anyone else for that matter.  "Thanks to the data gathered from their battle with the Akitashiinu ships, I was able to modify the shields to increase their effectiveness against their weapons.  If those blue skinned things decide to come after us looking for a fight, we will be more than ready to give it to them and make them regret that decision rather quickly."

Silence spread through the bridge as everyone returned to their immediate duties.  Stark would have to put his curiosity in check for the time being, and Ya'Han would have to come up with a feasible reason to explain why she disliked the race and a very specific member of it so much.  Maybe one day she would be able to reveal the truth, but for the time being it had been best for no one to know of her past and issues with the Ferengi Alliance.

"Commander, I think we have a problem," the Chief of Operations said, ending the silence and drawing the Commander's attention to the front of the bridge.

"Is it the Akitashiinu? Are they back?" the First Officer asked, hoping that the second alien race had not chosen now to actually return and likely complicate things a great deal for them.

"No, it's the members of the away team... we lost contact with one of them," Stark said without being able to explain why.  "Whoever it was just suddenly vanished, we were tracking their movements and then nothing. Either the search beams can't locate them or they have entered a location that the modified particle beams are unable to get into."

"Great," the Commander sighed. After having spent so much time and effort to finally be able to locate the members of the crew still on the moon, it had been a hard blow to unexpectedly lose one of them.  "Establish a new search parameters starting from the last known location of that crewman. Let's try to get them back or at the very least figure out what has happened to cause us to lose contact with them."

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer