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Setting: PI ALPHA III, Lunar Subterra
Stardate: 30148.1754

The ACMO had only been minimally attentive to the events following Morningstar's tete a tete with Eeru and Ruhek. Having had originally felt like making note of an objection, that the Captain should not be left alone, isolated from the rest of the team, thinking that each member she had decided would benefit a wide range of possible or potential situation. Ttosk and Shar'El being at the top of the list. Still, Seska was silent, knowing every captain had their 'chosen' counsel, yet this one was quickly starting to become the epitome of the exception to that. It was starting to become clear or evident that the one was greater than the sum of the pieces of the whole, and that is where Seska dropped it, the entire thought to its logical conclusion, from her mind entirely.

The initial observations made of Mizore's personality or character traits openly and verbally expressed by the other members of the crew present, having been viewed, seen, or labeled as 'optimistic', had in fact provided a minor sense amusement. An entertained expression momentarily touched her features where it crept on to her face, turning the left corner of her lips in to an almost smile. She knew there was a time and place to form a positive spin on events or particular subjects, which for her was usually during treatment, or reserved to Sickbay. Outside or other than that, she knew she was more accurately or acutely a realist, not withstanding the linear chronicle of her life's path, direction, and all the events throughout her sordid personal history and past.

Her attention was yet still far more occupied with, far more interested in, the massive enigma of information that she had taken from the injured Akitashiinu, Satesh at the time. Constantly shifting and shuffling data between the tricorder and her PADD through a synchronous link. Somewhere between the tricorder and the PADD system's interface sometime during routine transfer protocol, a strange, foreign spike of code had attached itself on to Seska's records appearing on the PADD screen as a flash like a small aurora instantaneously before returning to the device's standard operation parameters in a matter of minutes. There was some unexplained new function displayed on screen, that having had written itself in to the proprietary primary memory, apparently exceeded the processing threshold, which she had no explanation for, though was adamantly and vehemently determined to figure out, whatever it would take.

Motivated with the specific purpose to track down and uncover the source, all she needed or required was a means of slipping away. :: Distraction. :: ::Distraction. :: The idea echoed in her conscious mind, while her eyes scanned over the scene, her surrounding area, those members of her crew still left on the away team, Shar'El the minx, fiery Paquette, the Cardassian Dalziel, and the titan Ttosk, and the Akitashiinu, Satesh the fighter and the spiritwalker Maro.

The Chief Engineer's maniacal laughter, having attracted everyone's attention and drawn all focus toward the redheaded Terran woman, was just the diversion she needed to exit, putting the room to her back without notice.
" By the Prophets. . . What. . . " Seska stated, feigning some interest, not to draw suspicion to her plans and or activity.
On the way out through a west facing passage, she snatched Satesh's 'light lance' with her right as a means to illuminate her way and guide her through the darkness toward the epicenter of the mysterious transmission signal with her PADD as a sort of compass.
Setting: PI ALPHA III, Lunar Subterra Ruins
Stardate: 30148.1821

Summoning on her experience from her childhood, the young girl in the resistance as a scout, navigating shadowy corridors and blackened paths, silently passing without much more than the sound of a whisper. As she managed to slide her lithe form through a narrow fracture in the stone wall that lead to an area in to what seemed or appeared to the Bajoran as a great hall of some kind. 

Her first act was to get an idea of the place, surveying the spanse with a tricorder and her vision to gain some spatial awareness, setting the tool on a surface near eye level, when and where her left hand brushed against a solid formation, it had come to life as lights flickered into existence and large flat surfaces became illuminated with high definition screens, and a dense particle field projected on a holo emitter, Bajor and its trinity of moons, the three sisters. Little by little every part of the hall had become bathed in the full spectrum light, as well as a residual energy conflux that danced like fire as it whirled and swirled high above in sapphire blue, pure white as snow, and deep shades of iridescent purple.

Overseeing the machinations spark come to life, Seska began to check the system memory for any significant information related to activity records, files, and logs still contained and intact, where her left hand dexterously worked with a deftness that resembled ripples across water's surface. The more she operated and manipulated the functions, the more it responded to her. Not only through tactile contact, or touch, it was as if it anticipated her next objective, mentally analyzing and interpreting conscious and subconscious simultaneously.

As all systems checked out, awaiting the next series of commands, the ACMO at that moment reached a left hand across where her fingertips pressed against her uniform, about to notify the others, only to realize the comm badge was still lost somewhere on PI ALPHA III.

Without warning, a deep set of glowing eyes extricated themselves from the wall off to aside of Seska, in a blindingly swift flash or flurry of motion, it had her at the neck with one hand, and her right wrist with the other, disarming her of the 'light lance' as it fell from her possession with a resounding metallic resonance against the console. Lifting her entire body with ease, pinning her against the cold hard stone, just elevated enough to keep her boots from touching ground beneath her.

" Species, rank, and status. " It spoke with a voice that crackled like lightning. Mizore writhed under the force of the grip, fighting to catch even one more breath as she fought to speak her response, unable to break the words. " Species, rank, and status. What is your mission, why, or what are you here for. " it repeated again, with more, this time with a noticeable or apparent frustration in it's rather demanding tone.

She could feel its eyes piercing the veil in her mind, unable to resist for more than minutes as asphyxiation was starting to set in, weakening her resolve and fortitude, her twin shaded eyes only beginning to roll back in her head. The last act of desperation to hold on to life, her left hand dropped to her side, feeling as her hand gripped her sidearm fired four shots at Level Ten in to the Yxiddi attaker before it released her and collapsed on to itself, merely unconscious from what she was able to tell.

Fightning for air, where she herself had dropped to her knees, one hand still with a tight hold on her Bajoran phaser, braced on the machine, the other reaching for the 'light lance'. It had taken Seska some time to get her wind back, using the pole to lift herself to stand. Unsettled she laid her weapon down, staring between it and the fallen Yxiddi in disbelief. Leaning her weight on the haft of the Akitashiinu 'light lance' and her left hand resting on the main control computer, she could almost feel it become part of her, or her part of it as it connected to her through physically, mentally. This was not just some machine, it was a living form of self aware, semi sentient technology.

In moments, the image of her home world had faded into a holopixelated oblivion, where in moments it had come together in form, replaced with a perfect, flawless rendered avatar of Rika. . .
Gwen Spellblade

Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer