"Getting Around The Largest Problems"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.1730

With Doctor Doyanne working on the details of the narrow-band particle beam which would be used to hopefully locate the missing crew members of the USS ANUBIS, the Shillian Scientist returned to the bridge to tackle the problem that literally stood in their way.

"Report," the acting First Officer demanded as she stepped onto the command deck.

"The Yxidii battle cruiser is back in our direct line of sight after having forced another group of Akitashiinu ships to withdraw.  No casualties were noted from either side as far as we were able to see," the Chief of Security reported from the Tactical station.

"Any luck in finding a way to get past that interference field?" Ensign Stark asked as the Shillian approached the center of the bridge.

"Doctor Doyanne and I came up with an idea," the Chief Science Officer explained, this having been far more her field of expertise than command.  "We hope to use a narrow-band particle beam modulated to react to carbon-based bio-matter in order to locate and eventually track the movements of our people on the moon.  From there we will be able to use this same beam to transport a small item to them which will hopefully relay the message that we are here and aware of their location.  With some minor modifications, we should be able to use the same beams to draw a quick map of the underground cave system that we encountered and partially traveled through while there."

"You are planning on doing a rock density check using the beams," the Ensign nodded with understanding, that part of the plan having been easy enough to follow.

"If I may ask," Ensign Ya'Han cut in with.  "How are you planning on getting these beams to reach the moon with that thing in our way?"  The Chief of Security continued as she pointed to the imposing Battle Cruiser visible on the main view screen.

"I was actually hoping that you would have a way to get the Yxidii Battle Cruiser to move granting us a direct line of sight," the Shillian acting First Officer admitted.  "Otherwise we will have to try and bounce the beams off the nearby asteroids that were detected while Doctor Doyanne and I were working in the Planetary Studies Lab.  Those asteroids appear to have a rather high concentration of metallic matter which should enable us to use them as a point of deflection for our particle search beams."

"That is going to be one heck of a tricky pool shot," the Operations Officer grunted.  "Not to mention that the uneven surfaces of the asteroids is going to reduce the accuracy of the beams.  We will be able to aim towards the asteroid but it will be an unpredictable wild guess as to where on the moon they will hit, if it hits the moon at all.  Heck, it might even end up hitting the Battle Cruiser and there is no way to know for sure as to how they would react to that."

"I know," the Shillian reluctantly admitted.  "That is why I am hoping that either one of you will be able to offer an alternate option, hopefully one that will see the Yxidii ship move from its current position without its crew becoming wise to our intentions."

"I might have something for you Commander," the Chief of Security offered.  "During the battle between the Yxidii and Akitashiinu, we gathered a great deal of tactical data including specific weapon and shield energy signatures.  What if we could make that Battle Cruiser believe that the enemy had suddenly returned?"

"You want to use some sort of sensor echo that we would bounce off one of the asteroids to trick them?" Ensign Stark wondered, not entire sure that the plan, if indeed this had been the idea, would work against the battle hardened Yxidii.

"Much better than that," the black haired Chief of Security replied, a devilish grin having formed on her lips.  "Using an confined modulated energy transfer beam, we should be able to imbue one or more of those asteroids with an energy signature that very closely matches that of the Akitashiinu shields and weapons.  In theory this should make the Yxidii not only believe that enemy ships have returned but that they are preparing to fire, all of this without having been previously detected."

"And you think that will make them move?" Stark asked, not sounding overly confident that this would actually work.

"I am sure they will respond without any second thoughts," Ya'Han confirmed without hesitation.  "I know I would.  The Yxidii are likely keeping a very close watch on anything that resembles a Akitashiinu ship, and to suddenly have one or more show up without having been seen approaching will get their fullest attention.  The only problem is that there is no way to know as to just how much time this will give us before they figure out it was a ruse and return to get in our way."

"Then we will just have to make sure the ruse is a good one," the Shillian acting First Officer said with confidence.  "Ensign Ya'Han, you are to work on the details of your plan and let me know the moment you are ready.  Ensign Stark, plot a search pattern using a narrow-band particle beam to scan the moon, for now use a direct line of sight angel with the hope that the ruse suggested by Ensign Ya'Han will work," the Chief Science Officer said having fallen into the demands of her new role a little more than she had before.  "Lastly," Maya continued as she looked at the Avatar who had been quietly standing on the bridge taking in everything that had been said, "ANI, could I see you in the Ready Room please.  You and I have quite a bit of personal research to do in a very short period of time if we are to take full advantage of all this should it work."

Although not being an emotional being, the Avatar actually appeared perplexed following the statement made by the Shillian woman and prompt followed into the Ready Room where Lieutenant Commander Maya had already vanished into.


Jessica Solarik

Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)