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Setting: Moon of PI ALPHA III, Underground cave system
Stardate: 30148.1715

The level of uneasiness had drastically increased over the last few minutes.  The Bajoran Doctor had been taking care of the knocked down Zaldan giant who had still been feeling the effect of the Akitashiinu's attack.  That by itself had been enough to make everyone more nervous about their current situation but the sudden arrival of several more members of the race had sealed the deal for everyone.

Something was up, and no one liked it.

The first impression the ILO had gotten from the Akitashiinu named Satesh had been a positive one; him being a fierce and loyal warrior.  Likewise for Maro who had come across as being a caring and dedicated healer, the first impression had been a positive one.  Both individuals had given a distinct perception of their race and their conflict with the Yxidii.  Unfortunately that all changed for Shar'El when Eeru and Ruhek came into the picture.

There had been something shady about the reddish furred female Akitashiinu and her Jackal-like bodyguard.  Whatever they had appeared to be the ILO of the ANUBIS felt that it had been nothing but a cover, a front to hide something.  The question though had been what were they hiding?

"I hope the Captain is alright," Eve whispered, her large grey eyes scrutinizing the new arrivals into the room with concern and silent apprehension.

"This is starting to stink more than that Ferengi back at the Academy," Sonja said in a low growl, her emerald eyes meeting the pure black orbs of one of the new imposing figures.

"They could be here to protect us from another Yxidii attack," Seska said while still attending to the winded FCO.  "The incident with Wydran and the arrival of the others may not be related in any way."

"You think this is a coincidence, really? You're a whole different type of special aren't you," the redheaded Engineer sighed quietly as she rolled her eyes.

"All Doctors share one common trait," the black haired ILO quickly added.  "They see the best in everything and everyone, which depending on the situation may not be such a bad thing.  Doctor Mizore is simply keeping an optimistic view of our situation instead of giving into her fears."

"Hope for the best," the Counselor said before continuing in a much lower tone.  "Plan for the worst.  We cannot afford to take anything for granted at this point.  Maybe Eeru is speaking with Captain Morningstar to make him aware of a delicate situation, or maybe she needed to remove him from this location to make it easier for them to do what it is they are setting up for.  Would be nice if we knew what is happening with the ANUBIS though. Are they looking for us or are they having problems of their own?"

Shar'El grinned faintly as she looked at the Cardassian born woman, her heritage and position on the USS ANUBIS having been conflicting in a rather strange way.  With the Counselor's words firmly in her mind, the ILO once again met the dark gaze of one of the new Akitashiinu.

Out of fear for what strange and unimaginable alien images she might find, the Ullian Intelligence Liaison Officer had not dared to look inside the memories of Satesh or Maro.  Now though, their need for information had exceeded by far her fears and it had been well overdue to find out if Shar'El could in fact reach into the mind of an Akitashiinu.

If luck was on her side, Shar'El would find out what was happening, if not at least Doctor Mizore and Counselor Dalziel were right there next to her ready to help with whatever madness would wash over the ILO.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer