"Time for Action"
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<<Time is a powerful unforgiving river that follows a course set by anyone else but itself. On any given day, this river can display moods that reach into the bright heights of enlightenment or sink into the darkened depths of madness.>>
- Said by Captain Elan Talak Fairborn on SD 88241.1345, in 25 years in one of countless possible futures

Setting: USS ANUBIS: Corridor
Stardate: 63073.1045

The towering Engineer held onto the troubled Ensign with the utmost of care, not because she had been in distress or because she had been of a weaker build than the Oltharian, but rather because she had been an honoured Healer. That fact alone insured that Elan would comfort and protect the woman with every fibre of his being whatever the problem might have been.

To see a member of the crew in such a state had been enough to make the Engineer wish he could alter time itself, but to see a member of the Medical Staff this way had torn the Oltharian's very soul to shreds. All that Elan could do had been to recall the last words spoken by Amber Satori when she had appeared to him down in Main Engineering; [[Be strong Elan, for us all.]]

"We need to find a way to regroup with the rest of the Senior Staff and put an end to this madness," Doctor Summers stated as she kept her own feelings towards the Oltharian in check. This had neither been the time or place for Lea to allow her emotions to dictate her actions, especially not given the volatile nature of their current *reality*. It had become clear that a single stray thought could lead to trouble, and right now they all had more than their fair share to deal with.

"Annie," Elan began in a soft, gentle voice meant to not disturb the still trembling woman who had found refuge in the Oltharian's arms. "You are the only one able to communicate with the others; we need to know where to focus our efforts."

"I cannot be of more help than I have already been," the Avatar calmly stated. "Although I am somewhat conscious of my communication with some of the other members of the Senior Staff, I am unable to access these records. Based on the currently available data I believe that all information will be accessible once this localised distortion of the space-time continuum is resolved which of course will be too late to be of any meaningful aid to you or anyone else."
"Medical personnel here," Lea said as she waved a hand slightly above her shoulder to draw some attention. "Can I get the non-technical version of that last statement?"

"Like the ANUBIS, I am not affected by the time distortion per say and am able to exist in all created realities as long as these realities permit it. As such, I am able to interact with other members of the crew simultaneously although I am unable to relay the details of these interactions at this time," the Avatar reported using the simplest possible terminology. "Lieutenant Fairborn had hoped that I would be able to directly communicate and relay instructions to the other members of the Senior Staff, but unfortunately my abilities seem to be limited to giving very general directions, such as the ones which led him to this corridor."

"Annie is able to tell whom she has been speaking to," the Oltharian further explained. "The information is more like a distant feeling for a lack of a better way to describe it, so it is making it difficult to narrow down the location of the other members of the Senior Staff. Back in Main Engineering she reported having spoken to you Healer," Elan continued as he offered a smile to the Chief Medical Officer.

"So you decided to head to Sickbay in the hopes of running into us," Doctor Summers theorised. "Instead though, we ended up running into you."

The Oltharian simply nodded, still trying his best not to excessively move so as to not disturb Ensign Lopez who had finally begun to show signs of returning to a calmer state.

"Alright then," the Chief Medical Officer continued as she turned towards the Avatar. "Who else have you been speaking to since this mess started?"

"The information may not be 100% accurate, but there are records available pertaining to a discussion with Ensign Dalziel."

"She was stationed on the Bridge," Doctor Summers stated with a distinct tone of enthusiasm. "It would seem to be the best place to head to next, even if Eve is not there for one reason or another it would be very unlikely that every other member of the Senior Staff who had been there would have left."

"Agreed," Elan noted along with a gentle movement of his head. "Once there we can address the problem of making contact and attempting to link the realities present there with our own."
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