"Poking Small Holes to Solve a Big Problem"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 12, Astrometrics Lab
Stardate: 30148.1715

It had been almost an hour since Doctor Doyanne and the Shillian Scientist had been working on finding a way to pierce the interference field that surrounded the Moon of PI ALPHA III, and by the looks of things they had not been any closer then when they had started.  The two officers had began their quest in one of the Planetary Studies Lab located on the same deck, gathering as much information as possible on the moon and its immediate surroundings.  From there they had moved to the Astrometrics lab to see if the specifics of the dimension that they had been pulled into played a role in the interference or if something here could be used to off-set it.

For every question that the Doctor and Scientist had been able to answer, several more came to replace it leading to an increase in the general frustration shared by he two women.  With the fate of the rest of the Senior Officer possibly hanging in the outcome of their work though, the pair continued while hanging onto the hope that they might come across something new.

"It would be easier if that Battle Cruiser was not in our direct line of sight of the moon," Doctor Doyanne sighed with frustration, the presence of the Yxidii ship having made things that much more difficult without having actually done anything.

"It is very likely their intention to hinder whatever attempt we are making to locate the Captain and the rest of the team," the acting Executive Officer offered while she continued to work at the primary station of the Astrometrics Lab.  "I suspect that there is something on the moon that both races are working very hard to keep us from discovering, it is the only way to explain the way that both have acted towards us.  As much as the Yxidii and Akitashiinu may be at war with one another, they appear rather united in their efforts to have us as a whole remain out of their conflict."

"I guess believing that they simply did not want innocent people getting hurt is asking for too much," the Chief Medical Officer stated in return, her own attitude as a Doctor having biased her perception and hopes to be on the far more benevolent level.  Lillie met the gaze of the Shillian for a brief moment before smiling, "I know I'm the optimist here, it would just have been nice to have someone trying to help us without having an ulterior motive."

"Unfortunately Doctor," the Lieutenant Commander began, her words echoing from her own lengthy experience, "it is exceptionally rare to find in this universe, or any other for that matter, an individual willing to help someone for no other reason than to give them the needed assistance. It would be even more impressive to find not only such an individual here, but to actually find an inter race.  The reality of the world is that everyone does what they do for a reason that is in one way, shape or form, self indulging."

"I have to admit Commander that your opinion is a rather odd one especially coming from an experienced Starfleet Officer," Doctor Doyanne stated with distinct disbelief in her voice.

"Starfleet as a whole may have more benevolent intentions at the core of their actions, but those intents still govern the actions of each ship commander and of the crews that serve under them," the Shillian explained with a air of certainty that had never been associated with the Chief Science Officer before.  "The spread and defense of the ideals of the Federation are implied in the mandates of every Commanding Officer, and each action taken by the crews under their command reflects on the Federation as a whole, presenting it as what is wanted.  As positive as the end results may well be, our actions in whatever situation are dictated by the ulterior motive of representing the Federation for the benevolent, peace centered organization that our superiors wish it to be."

"I will admit this," Lillie said through a heavy sigh.  "You have a unique way of looking at things, and I am not sure if I am troubled by this because of what you have said or because you are most likely right."

"Did you notice that there was only a .002 percent degradation of the narrow-band particle beam we sent to the moon through the interference field?" The Shillian Scientist asked, the apparent discovery having shifted her thoughts away from the discussion and back onto the task at hand.

"With a beam that small there is nothing that we could really do," the Chief Medical Officer pointed out in return.  "For gathering information, the beam is too specifically targeted to give us any real indication as to where anyone or anything is, and the beam strength is far too weak to be modified and used by the transporter system."

"I completely agree with your analysis," the acting Executive Officer began as she turned away from the console to look at the Doctor with a glimmer of joy in her eyes.  "That said though, given that the crew is currently in the hands of the Akitashiinu, a silicon-based life form, we should be able to calibrate such a beam to react to carbon-based biological matter.  Although this would not give us a great deal to work with, it would be sufficient to discover the specific whereabouts of the away team at that precise moment.  Establishing multiple such beams in a circular search pattern following a positive hit would lead to us being able to accurately estimate their location and movement rate."

"That is an interesting trick, but a rather impractical one," the Chief Medical Officer said not wanting to raise either of their hopes.  "We have no idea where to send those first search beams for someone to walk through.  We would be blindly shooting a finger sized beam in the hopes of hitting someone, not to mention that the Battle Cruiser currently in front of us is not going to just move aside to allow us to start poking at the moon to see if we find anything.  Beyond that, even if we did manage to somehow get a hit from one of those beams, what would we do after?  There is no way that a narrow-band particle beam can be used to transport anyone up."

"Again I agree with your analysis," the Shillian said as she returned her attention onto the primary work station of the Astrometrics Lab. "Although we would not be able to beam anyone back up to the USS ANUBIS, in theory we should be able to beam down small and chemically simplistic items that could relay some sort of message to Captain Morningstar, letting him know that at the very least we are aware of their location.  As for blindly shooting at the moon, we could use similar beams to test the density of the rock to a specific depth. Areas of low density would indicate locations where underground passages can be found.  Although it could be time consuming, the search using this process would not be as blind as you envision it to be."

"Alright," Doctor Doyanne said having finally accepted the plan as being one with some potential for success.  "You head back to the bridge and find a way to get that Battle Cruiser out of our way and I will work on the modifications to the narrow-band particle beam to react to carbon-based bio-matter.  Should you actually get them to move, the beam will need to be ready for us to start poking holes into the moon."

"No worries Doctor," the Shillian acting First Officer said as she made her way out of the Astrometrics Lab.  "I know exactly who I need to speak to about our plan and the best way to make it happen. After that, I will see if our new Chief of Security and Chief of Operations might not have a few tricks up their sleeves to see the battle Cruiser move out of our line of sight."


Jessica Solarik

Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)