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"Dislike on Every Dimension"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.1720

There was no hiding the fact that the Chief of Security did not like the Yxidii, not one bit.  There had been something about them that simply did not sit right with the dark haired woman from the moment the had first appeared on the main viewer.  This feeling persisted through the communications that followed, the shortness of the exchanges not having helped ease the woman's uneasiness in the least.

Ya'Han tried to understand where this overwhelming dislike had originated from, but each time the thought crossed her mind a wave of icy shivers ran through her body and ended things right there and then.  The only other time the dark haired woman had felt something similar had been when she had thought of her would-be husband.  The Ferengi troll had led her to leave her family behind and seek refuge and a new life deep within Federation controlled space.

At first glance there had been nothing remotely similar between the Ferengi and Yxidii. One race was short and relatively weak looking while the other appeared rather tall and muscular.  One possessed ears large enough to intercept subspace signals while the other barely seemed to have any.  One seemed motivated by strong militaristic ideas while the other was driven by selfishness, greed and the lust for physical possessions.

To not like anyone by their simple appearance had never been something that Ya'Han did, and the concept had actually been foreign to her. Through her strict upbringing and education, she had been made to understand that how someone looks was nothing more than an illusion.  The richest of man could appear as a popper and the mentally sickest of being could be gazed upon as a holy figure.  It had been because of this that the Chief of Security knew that there had been a much deeper reason for her feeling the way she did towards the Yxidii.

"We are being hailed by the battle cruiser," the ship's Avatar said almost making Ya'Han wish that she could excuse herself from her station on the bridge.  That thought was rapidly dismissed by the ship's Chief of Security knowing that her place had been where she was and to assist Ensign Stark in dealing with the alien race, despite her personal feelings.

"The battle cruiser is resuming its earlier place between us and the moon," Ya'Han said as she watched the ship's movements on her tactical instruments.  "I am still reading their energy weapons as being active and charged.  Whatever they may be saying to us, their actions show that they do not want us anywhere near that moon."

"Maybe so," Ensign Stark said in a mild agreeing tone, "but right now they are our best chance to getting the Captain and the rest of the crew back safe and sound."  The man in charge of the ship's operations paused for a few seconds as if debating what he would do next, not that there had been a wide range of available options.  "Let's see what they have to say. Put them on the main viewer."

The Avatar acknowledged with a nod of her head. silently accessing the required systems to comply with the Ensign's request. A few seconds later, the imagine of the Yxidii battle cruiser on the main viewer was replaced by that of its commander, an unwelcoming expression on its face.

[/\] The Akitashiinu have left, but not for long. Those beasts never give up once they have engaged and they will continue until either we are dead or they are. [/\]  The hatred in the alien's voice had almost been tangible.

"What a lovely thought," the Chief of Security whispered to herself, not loud enough to be heard by the Yxidii but unfortunately loud enough to draw a rapid glare from the Chief of Operations who had been standing in the middle of the bridge.

[/\] We will continue the search for your people in the meantime. Again, we strongly suggest that you remain where you are now to avoid getting caught in any crossfire.  Should the beasts decide to come after you, we will intercept them.  We will take care of everything and inform you as soon as we have found anything concerning your people. [/\]

The image of the Yxidii vanished from the main view screen, leaving the two Ensigns and Avatar to consider what had been said and their next course of action.

"Well, there is one thing we can say about that race," Jayson said with a sigh. "They don't waste any time with lengthy discussions."

"There is a difference between being efficient with one's words and trying to keep someone at a verbal distance," Ya'Han said having found that her dislike of the race had actually increased.  "They are hiding something from us, something that I am sure they would not hesitate to fight to keep us away from.  Right now, I can imagine that they are hoping not to have to battle on two separate fronts.  That will remain as is only as long as we do not show ourselves to be some sort of threat or hindrance to their plans."

"We can only hope that Commander Maya is make some sort of progress in getting through that interference field," Ensign Stark said as he moved closer to the Chief of Security.  "The problem is if she does find a way for us to scan the moon, will the Yxidii let us?"

"Like it or not," Ya'Han said from the tactical station. "We are likely going to end up fighting our way there and back, we just don't know against who yet."

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer