"A Friendly Run-In"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Corridor
Stardate: 63073.1045

After having questioned Ensign Lopez about her earlier nakedness, Lea had turned her attention to the Avatar. The amazing creation of the Oltharian Engineer had taken the lead. Apparently Annie had been the only one not affected by the time distortion, a fact that they all could be thankful for.

"Adriana," Lea said while she continued walking. "Can you think of a way to get the others back in our reality?" When no reply came, the CMO stopped and turned around. "Annie, wait," the Doctor called out. "Adriana has vanished."

Doctor Summers quickly backtracked her steps but to no avail, her assistant had been nowhere to be found.

"I am still detecting her life signs," the android stated as she joined the CMO. "She must have entered another reality."

"Is there any way for you to get a specific reading as to her location?" Summers asked. If they could know where the aCMO had been, maybe they would be able to draw her back into their reality.

"I am sorry," the Avatar replied. "Although internal sensors do read her life signs, I cannot identify the exact location of the signal."

"Great," Lea sighed with disappointment. "Let's hope nothing bad happens to her this time around."


The CMO and Avatar jumped as the scream filled the corridor. Lea quickly ran to her assistant's side to see her crying and covered with blood. "What happened? Where are you hurt?"

The aCMO could only gasp for air as she looked onto her blood stained hand. A quick scan of the Ensign showed that Lopez had not been injured which left the CMO with only one question. Where had this blood come from?

"Adriana?" Lea said as she positioned herself in front of the kneeling aCMO. "*Adriana!*" Doctor Summers repeated with more force in the hopes of easing the woman out of her agitation. "*Ensign Lopez! Snap out of it!* The CMO ordered as she held onto the woman's shoulders.

"The boy," Adriana finally managed. "Where is the boy? He was hurt, bleeding, and said that it was not my fault."

"It wasn't real," the CMO explained. Lea knew nothing of the situation or about this boy, but it was easy to see that Adriana had been extremely upset because of it. "What you saw was in another reality."

With tears flowing from her eyes Ensign Lopez pushed Lea out of her way and dashed down the corridor. Whatever the aCMO had experienced in this other reality had deeply troubled her. Summers quickly got back to her feet and went after her assistant who vanished around a corner. As the CMO rounded the same corner, she found Adriana safely cradled in the arms of the towering Oltharian.

"Elan? Is that really you?" Lea asked unsure if this had been another reality.

"Lieutenant Fairborn," Annie said as she rounded the corner and joined the CMO. "It is nice to see you again."

The Oltharian smiled to Lea and Annie before he turned his attention to the woman in his strong yet caring hold. "It is alright Healer; you are safe now."

Adriana allowed herself to be fully embraced by the gentle giant's embrace. As troubled as she had been, there had been something soothing about Elan's hold on her.

Lea smiled weakly, happy that her assistant had been safe but a little jealous about the position she had found herself in. As innocent as the embrace had been the CMO silently wished that she had been the one lost in the giant's muscular arms.

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer