"Speed VS Strength"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.1715

From a safe distance they watched as the battle between the two alien forces raged on high above the surface of the moon.  The methods and tactics used by either side strangely reflected the race's general appearance and expected attitude or style.  The Yxidii had a single ship, large and imposing like themselves while the Akitashiinu used several smaller, faster ships, which attacked as a pack.

"They seem nearly perfectly matched. Right now it would be a pure guess as to who would win.  If it was not for our missing Command staff, this might actually be fun to watch."

Jayson's comment made Ya'Han look down at her tactical console to review once again the data that they had been gathering.  Somehow the two Ensign had found their way to be on opposite sides of this conflict, the Ops officer siding for the Yxiddi while the Chief of Security seemed to root for the Akitashiinu.

"The Yxidii ship is a lot more powerful than that of the Akitashiinu.  Weapon energy output is close to three times higher, the problem is their targeting system. It's far too slow to properly compensate for the speed and maneuverability of the targets.  On the other side, the Akitashiinu's weapons are barely scratching the surface of that armored hull despite their repeated hits, so I have to guess that they are trying or at the very least hoping to hit some critical system."

The analysis of the dark haired Chief of Security pushed her own thoughts onto a specific memory from her days back at the Academy.  This had not been the first time speed had gone up against strength and if history was to repeat itself, the Akitashiinu would in time emerge victorious.

Jayson unintentionally smiled as one of the energy bolts from the larger Yxidii ship scraped the side of one of the smaller Akitashiinu ship, exposing several of its systems to the vacuum of space.  Had the shot been right on target, the small ship would have been reduced to space dust, but the grazing hit had allowed it to escape although at a much slower speed.

"Looks like the Akitashiinu are retreating, again.  I am not sure why they keep trying though. From what we have see so far I  truly believe that they do not have the firepower needed to destroy that ship.  Heck I am even doubting that they have the power to cause any real damage to it.  I would be surprised if *we* had the firepower to destroy it."

"You should know your ship better than that.  The combined power of the four pulse cannons with the forward phaser banks should be more than sufficient to pierce that armor and with a couple of well placed quantum torpedoes hitting at the weakened area, the subsequent explosions should end whatever battle we would be in the middle of with the Yxidii."

Jayson blinked a few times as he looked at Ya'Han, not sure as to why the new Chief of Security had been so ready and willing to confront the Yxidii and apparently send them back in detached pieces to wherever they had originally come from.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark