"Expectations of Fear"
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"Starfleet captains don't easily succumb... to fear."
- Captain Kathryn Janeway

Setting: Moon of PI ALPHA III, Underground cave system
Stardate: 30148.1715

The Native American quietly followed the Akitashiinu named Eeru, the Captain being all too aware of the vigilant scrutiny of her bodyguard Ruhek.  Maybe that had not been his role or purpose, but the Jackal featured creature had all too recently played that part with remarkable speed and agility.  The unexpected display had made it perfectly clear to Erik and everyone else that any unwelcome gesture would be quickly dealt with without hesitations or restraint.

As a Starfleet Officer, Erik had been given countless opportunities to deal with a wide variety of strange creatures and beings.  Having been part of the crew of the USS PROPHECY, the only Federation Trans-Dimensional vessel at the time, the Native American had also seen things that had been well beyond the reach of the wildest imagination.  Maybe it had been because of this, or maybe simply because of the kind of individual he had always been, but Morningstar did not feel any worries or concerns at having been taken aside.  Fear had never been something that came easily to him.

If the Akitashiinu had truly wished any of them dead, the deed would have long ago been done, so there had not been any reason for Erik to truly be concerned at this time.  When considering the situation and conflict between the two alien races, it had been all too natural to expect to be on the receiving end of caution and concerns. The reality of the situation had very likely been that the two alien races knew just as much about the crew of the ANUBIS as they did about the beings from another spacial dimension.

It had been with an almost Vulcan logic that the Native American had analysed the situation. From there he expected that Eeru had wished to speak to the person in charge about the conflict that raged between the Akitashiinu and the Yxidii.  In the light of this same logic the Commanding Officer of the ANUBIS expected one of the two most probable course of action.  The Captain would find himself on the receiving end of an effort to enlist the help his crew in the ongoing conflict; or he would be questioned to insure that there had not already been some sort of  alliance between the Yxidii and the members of the Terran vessel.

Although far from having been a gambling man, Morningstar had been ready to bet that he would face both possibilities at some point in the very near future.  However different races could appear to be, their basic drives and methods to deal with complications and conflicts remained mostly identical.  Found in this quasi universal constant had been the source of the Native American's calmness at this time.

As Erik and the two Akitashiinu walked by an adjacent room, the Native American noticed a single Yxidii held against the far wall by what appeared to be rock-made shackles around his ankles, wrists and neck.  The dark blue skinned alien clearly appeared to be in distress and had likely been the target of a repeated and lengthy interrogation which would have most certainly included some level of torture.

The expression on the face of the Yxidii captive hinted to pain and a silent request to help.  In a single heartbeat the Native American considered his position and options.

Under the charter of the United Federation of Planets, prisoner of war could not be treated in such a manner, but Captain Morningstar quickly reminded himself of several point of importance concerning this specific situation.  Neither races were a member of the Federation, an ally or shared any sort of diplomatic understanding.  In fact neither race were even a protectorate of the inter-stellar organization, and to make it even more clear that Erik had no right to say anything, the CO pointed out to himself that he and his crew had not even been in their home dimension.

Whatever rules of engagement that the organization the Native American belong to abided by did not apply in any way, shape or form in this specific conflict.  His one and only goal had to be to insure the continued safety of his crew and to see them all return to the ANUBIS within the briefest possible delay. The emotions and peaceful wishes of the crew including his own would have to be ignored for the time being.

As they continued walking, Erik noted a soft growl of discontent had emanated from the Akitashiinu bodyguard Ruhek.  The Native American had fully expected to be questioned on his crew's possible involvement with the Yxidii, but he had not expected to be so bluntly tested.  It was easy to see that the Jackal featured being had hoped for the Captain to say or do something in defense of the Yxidii.  Unfortunately for Ruhek, Morningstar appeared completely unaffected by the harshness of the scene that he had been made to witness.



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