"Time + Thoughts = Trouble"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Corridor
Stardate: 63073.1045

The aCMO along with Doctor Summers and the ship's Avatar had set out to search for the other members of the senior staff, the idea having been that finding a solution would be easier if they all worked together instead of separately from different realities.

"You still have not explained to me why you were naked when you appeared back in Sickbay," Lea pointed out as the two women followed Annie.

"I was dead," Adriana replied as she lowered her head in shame, "or at the very least I thought I was."

"I was just curious," the CMO explained.  "It's not as if I am unfamiliar with the anatomy of the human female, so there is nothing for you to be ashamed of.  It was not as if you had appeared that way in front of your parents."

The thought of having suddenly appeared in the buff in front of her parents flashed in Adriana's mind, sending a shiver through her body. As the aCMO forced the thought from her mind, a voice called out from behind, a voice that the Ensign had been unable to ignore.


The aCMO turned on her heels to see both of her parents standing a few meters back in the corridor.  "Mom?  Dad?  How is this possible?" Adriana demanded, for a moment having forgotten that thoughts had a direct impact on their reality.

"My sweet little girl," Karl Lopez, Adriana's adoptive father said with a heartwarming smile.

"We've missed you so very much," Diana Anderson, Adriana's adoptive mother added as she opened her arms to hug her daughter.

"How can you be here?" the aCMO asked, still unable to fully understand what had been happening to her and the rest of the ANUBIS' crew.

"The impossible is a common occurrence when you become a parent," Karl playfully chuckled.

Adriana thought about what her father had just said, a line that he had used several times to describe in general terms the drive that one felt when the wellbeing and safety of a child was at stake.

"Ada?" a soft, little voice called out from behind the aCMO.  Unlike the voices of her parents, Adriana had not recognized this one and only turned out of surprise and curiosity.  A small Human child of 10 years old stood in the middle of the empty corridor, his clothes dirty, torn and bloodied as if the boy had been caught in some sort of terrible landslide.  Adriana immediately responded as a Medical Officer above all else, the sight of the injured child having been more than the Ensign had been able to take.  Although the wounds appeared severe, the boy stood without trouble or visible show of pain, something that registered only partially in Adriana's mind.

"*Doctor Summers!" the aCMO called out as she rushed to the boy's side and dropped in front of him, her medical tricorder already in hand. "How did this happen?  How did you get here?  Are you the only one injured?"

The small child ignored all of the questions and just smiled at the frantic woman who had knelt before him.  "It wasn't your fault," he said as his hand touched Adriana's cheek.  "You were so kind to me. You did everything possible.  There was just not enough time.  Don't blame yourself.  It was not your fault," the boy added as he wrapped his arms around the confused aCMO.  "Thank you."

Adriana froze for a moment unsure as to what to do or say.  Eventually though Ensign Lopez gently pushed the boy away to permit her to perform the needed scans so that she could treat the child.  The aCMO became even more confused when the tricorder reported no life signs which led the Ensign to look up to the child once again, this time to see that he had somehow vanished.  The only proof that remained of his having been there at all had been the blood on the Ensign's hand and uniform.


Marissa Montonera-Lombardi (mmlm24@gmail.com)

Ensign Adriana Lopez
Assistant Chief Medical Officer