"Reconstructing Reality"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63073.1040

"I'm sorry," Lea tearfully said as she tightly held the limp form of the aCMO in her arms.  "I'm the one that should be dead, not you."

"Who are you talking to?" a frightfully familiar voice said snapping the CMO into a full upright stand.

"You," Lea gasped as her heart raced at warp speed. "You're dead!" she barked before the CMO quickly turned back to the biobed to discover that the body she had only seconds ago been holding had vanished.

"Actually, I think I *was*," the aCMO said rather uncertain of herself. The feeling of peace and the images of the tall grass and blue skies were still very fresh in her mind.

"What is going on here?" Lea demanded to no one in particular as she moved closer to Ensign Lopez. "First I find an evil Enaii in Sickbay who is bent on killing someone. Next she kills you by simply snapping your neck and claims that this was in payment of a debt owed. Now here you are standing, obviously alive and for one reason or another completely naked."

"Naked?" Adriana gasped as she looked down to confirm the CMO's words. Before saying or doing anything else, the aCMO rushed into the Doctor's office. There she would be able to address the absence of her uniform with the help of the replicator.

"Computer," Lea said as she followed her assistant. "What is the status of the ship?"

"According to available information, the ANUBIS is currently intersecting multiple quantum realities," Annie replied, the ship's Avatar having seemingly appeared out of nowhere behind the CMO.

"Deer Lord!" Doctor Summers exclaimed while holding her chest. "Elan needs to add some weight to your steps," Lea continued having been scared half out of her wits.

"My apologies Doctor," the android offered. "It was not my intent to frighten you, I simply responded to your query about the status of the ship."

"Well next time you might want to announce your presence first," Lea huffed. "Is the crew alright?"

"Internal sensors show that all members of the crew are present on the ship," Annie replied. "Sensors also show normal biological readings for the most part."

"Annie," the aCMO said as she returned with a fresh uniform. "What did you say about the ANUBIS and multiple quantum realities?"

"I cannot explain more than what Lt. Commander Maya has discovered," the Avatar explained. "The crew seems to be torn between multiple realities while the ship remains structurally intact. As long as the individual reality permits it, I seem able to travel from one reality to the next without trouble."

"Let's say for a moment that I actually understood what you just said," Lea said as she rubbed the back of her neck. "How is it possible for each and every member of the crew to experience their own individual realities?"

"According to Lt. Commander Maya, the nature of these realities seems to originate from the thoughts of the individuals."

"Let me get this straight," Adriana chuckled. "Our own thoughts create the reality we are in?"

"It is a rather simplistic view, but one that is accurate enough at this time," the Avater stated.

"If we are supposed to be in our own individual realities, shouldn't you and I not be here together?" Lea asked.

"I was thinking of you," the aCMO admitted.

"And I was thinking of you," Doctor Summers quickly added.

"It is highly probable that the act of you thinking of each other created a link between your realities," Annie theorized.

"Well that answers a few questions," Lea said as she glanced towards her assistant. "I'm just curious as to why you were naked when you appeared?"

Tiffany Rose (lady.tiffany.rose@gmail.com)

Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer