"The Perfect Dream"
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"The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from."
- Agent Smith, The Matrix

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63073.1030

Doctor Summers desperately held onto the lifeless form of the aCMO, her thoughts solely focused on the unfairness of life and death. Because of an action she had taken, because of a mistake she had made, Lea had traded the life of a stranger for that of one of her own. Neither had deserved to die and the CMO wholeheartedly wished that she could have traded places with the Ensign now in her grasp.

Stardate: 63073.1030

The tall grass and colorful flowers went on for as far as the eyes could see.  Adriana felt completely at peace, not only with herself but with the universe as a whole, nothing mattered anymore.  As she aimlessly wandered through the grass beneath a picture perfect blue marbled sky, Adriana's bare foot collided with something relatively small but hard.  The impact had not caused any pain, although it most likely should have, but it had been enough to cause the woman to look down and search for the item she had stumbled upon.

As she moved the grass away Adriana discovered a small jeweled box with the initials AL inscribed on it.  Instinctively she opened it and smiled as she listened to the gentle melody that came from it.  The music box matched the one that could have been found in the Ensign's quarters, but the music that it played had originated from its twin, an identical box that had been the property of her sister Amanda.

Adriana lifted her eyes from the closed box now in her hands and saw her home on CESTUS III instead of the field she had expected to find. In front of her stood her parents, each handing a gift to the two small girls before them.

"These are for you," her father said to both little girls.  "They are both inscribed with the same initials to remind you both that you are sisters, forever a part of the other.  Now, inside the music is different, also to remind you that no matter what others may think or say, you two are unique in your own ways.  The music in your heart is yours and even if you share it with others it will always remain yours."

Her tear filled eyes returned to the small music box in her hands. This one had been Amanda's, not hers, and it had been taken by her sister when she had left their home to be with that boy.  Slowly Adriana reopened the box and lost herself in the melody as she recalled her sister's last words, "As long as I have this and you have yours, we will be together."

Adriana's tears flowed like a river, how could she have forgotten about her sister, even if only for a single second?  Amanda had been the reason why she had joined Starfleet, why she had embraced the opportunity given to her by the ANUBIS.

"I have to find my way back," the aCMO said as she tightly clutched the music box.  "I have to get back to the ANUBIS.  I have to get back to Doctor Summers."

Marissa Montonera-Lombardi (mmlm24@gmail.com)

Ensign Adriana Lopez
Assistant Chief Medical Officer