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"Good, Bad or In Between"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.1545

"Still no change," the purple haired Avatar said following the latest effort to get something more from the sensors aimed towards the moon of PI ALPHA III.  "Something is interfering with our sensors, we are unable to get any life readings from the moon's surface."

"Well," Ya'Han sighed as she looked at the Yxidii battle cruiser being shown on the main view screen. "They did say that, whatever the name of that other race was, had been good at hiding their captives."

"Victims," the Avatar corrected, quoting the Commanding Officer of the other ship, going as far as mimicking the alien's voice as she spoke.

"Alright, hail them," the Chief of Security said believing that she did not have any other course of action.  The alien ship had not intentionally fired on them, they had scanned their linguistic banks only to learn the language and had gone as far as to offer their help in locating the missing officers.  Surely based on all of this her misgivings had been ill placed.

There was a delay before any reply came from the alien ship. Normally she would have dismissed this has having been nothing worth giving a second thought to, but in this case the silence had brought the Chief of Security to the verge of a nervous twitch.  When the image of the alien Commanding Officer filled the main view screen once again, Ya'Han took a step forward as if trying to established that she had been someone to be taken seriously.

[/\] We have been able to locate your people and rescue three of them from the clutches of the Akitashiinu.  They seem to be unharmed, but I am sure that you will want to confirm this for yourself, [/\] the alien Commanding Officer said without any prior niceties and ignoring the posturing of the dark haired Starlite Officer.

"We are most grateful for all that you have done for us," the Chief of Security said without delay.  "We are ready to receive them at your convenience," Ya'Han continued trying her best to keep her renewed misgivings from being visible to the alien or anyone else. 

Ya'Han stared into the dark blue eyes of the alien, half expecting that this rescue would be used to gain some leverage against the ANUBIS and her crew. Based on what she had observed so far of the never before seen race, this kind of behavior would not have been at all unexpected.  What followed next though took the new Chief of Security completely by surprise.

Instead of a verbal reply from the alien, three transporter beams appeared on the bridge.  As the shimmering effect began to dissipate, the forms of the ship's acting Executive Officer, Operations Officer and Chief Medical Officer came into focus.

"Welcome back to the ANUBIS," Ya'Han said, a beaming smile having appeared on her face.  The truth had been that being the only senior officer on board had been somewhat troubling to the newest member of the crew.

"And you are?" Ensign Stark asked, taking a defensive position between the new officer and the other two women.

"Ensign Ya'Han, newly assigned to the USS ANUBIS as Chief of Security," the dark haired woman replied.  "The USS MA'AT brought me here and dropped me off unaware of the unusual situation that had taken hold.  I was on board when the ship was drawn into the dimension rift.  We have been searching for a way to locate you since then.  It was thanks to the Yxidii that you have been freed from your captors and returned on board safe and sound, at least I hope that you are well."

Several strange looks were exchanged between the officers as they tried to understand what had happened and how it all fit in with what had been said. One thing had been certain, whatever story had been between the two races, the staff of the ANUBIS only knew a small part of it.

[/\] Two enemy ships have been located not far from our current location.  I would suggest that you remain here while we take care of them.  We would not want for you to get caught in the crossfire again, [/\] the Yxidii Commanding Officer said before the communication was terminated without anything else being added.

The four officers watched as the Battle Cruiser quickly turned and headed to confront the two ships that had been mentioned leaving the ANUBIS and its now partially restored senior staff to discuss the situation.

"I would have thought that you would be happier to being rescued by the Yxidii," Ya'Han said, puzzled by the confusion present on the faces of the other three officers.

"I think we need to talk," Commander Maya said all too seriously.  "This entire story is a lot more complicated than I think any of us realizes.  This rescue or whatever it actually was is just one piece in a very complex puzzle that we need to figure out as quickly as possible."

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han
Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer