"Beyond the Countless and Never Imagined Dimensions of Quantum Mechanics"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.1030
Time had been shattered. Past, present and future had not only collided but forced to merge into a single dimension, one that appeared to encompass everything all at once. At least that had been the initial assumption of the Chief Science Officer of the USS ANUBIS following the failed attempt to fix the temporal distortion that had engulfed the ship and its crew.
It had taken a great deal of effort for the Shillian to not give into her feelings when she had seen her father standing there on the Bridge of the ANUBIS. The clues had been subtle, but enough for the scientist to recognize that there had been far more at play than a mere temporal bridging. Her father, who had been in his prime, had died when she had been very young, yet the man who had appeared before the Chief Science Officer had been older, much older than the Shillian remembered him to have been. If this had been nothing more than a merger of temporal points along a single timeline, Sonah should not have been this old and in fact could have only been as old as he had been when their world had perished.
If the temporal rift created by the Tachyon burst and harmonics resonance had somehow managed to extend into multiple timelines, some of the smaller clues that the Shillian had noted would have likely not been there. The one that had drawn the interest of the scientist the most had been the small pin that Sonah wore on his vest, a simple item made by a simple child only days before everything that Maya had known came to an end.
"You have that overdrive thinking look in your eyes," the elder Shillian said to the busy scientist who had returned her attention onto her instruments. The smile on his lips being that of a proud father as he looked upon his daughter who had not only continued his line of work but far exceeded his hopes and dreams.
"I'm sorry," the Shillian offered as she stopped for a brief moment to reclaim her composure. As much as she had wanted to believe it, as much as she had needed to embrace the idea, this man had not been Sonah, at least not the one the Chief Science Officer had once, long ago, called father. "Please forgive me, but I must be honest, you cannot be *my* father. The temporal inconsistencies are just too numerous to ignore and it is my belief that my initial assessment of our situation with the Romulan War Bird caused the situation that we are now in. I proceeded with the idea that we were dealing with nothing more than a temporal anomaly, a linear distortion of the space-time continuum, but I now realise that I was wrong. I mean I was correct in that we are dealing with a temporal phenomenon but I failed to take into account that we might have also been dealing with a breach in the quantum fabric of space brought forth by the Dimensional Drive of the USS
PARADOX. What I am experiencing now is not a temporal convergence but rather a reality given form by my own thoughts, time is not the only force at play here and I suspect that each member of the ANUBIS is currently in the same situation; trapped in a universe of their own creation."
The Shillian continued her research through the massive archives contained within the computer memory of the USS ANUBIS. The Chief Science Officer knew what she had been looking for and immediately recognized it when her search came across the desired data. A entity known only as 'The Traveler' had once voyaged onboard a Federation starship and stated that thought had been the basis for all reality. He went on to explain that space, time and thought could be made to become one an enable someone to give physical form to their thoughts, to their dreams and even to their fears.
"You are truly an amazing young woman," the Shillian elder offered, a loving smile having graced his lips. "I know that you do not consider me as your father, but I know that I would have been supremely honoured to have a daughter like you."
The Chief Science Officer halted her work, the words spoken by the man who resembled Sonah so very much having been impossible to ignore. The eyes of the Shillian began to fill with tears as emotions and wishes took hold over logic and scientific facts.
"I would have liked very much for you to have been my father," the Chief Science Officer of the ANUBIS admitted. "I would have loved to share the stories and discoveries that I have been part of, to tell you of the friends I have made, and of the life I have made for myself here on this ship."
Sonah smiled at the Shillian as only a father could to his daughter. "My dearest Maya, I would be honoured to listen to all of your stories, to learn about your friends and be made to share in your accomplishments. The universe may not have granted your exact wish, but I am here now and more than willing to fulfil the role that your heart desires."
In another distant parallel dimension, the Shillian scientist could imagine her counterpart having declined this opportunity solely based on the scientific facts that pointed to this man not being her *real* father. This decision would surely be regretted in the near future, so the Chief Science Officer decided to push aside the rules by which her life had been governed and opted instead follow her heart and embrace the moment. After all, had she not been told that time could be an ally if she allowed it to be?

Jessica Solarik (maya_992003@yahoo.com)
Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)