" What a long, strange trip it's been. . . "
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Setting: PI ALPHA III, Location: Underground Akitashiinu Den / Encampment
Stardate: 30148.1441

The ACMO, was anxiously among one of the first to reclaim what was lost or confiscated on their arrival to the endless maze of the cave system below the surface of PI ALPHA III. Even if Starfleet's presence here, was not consentual or forced, all crew was accounted for and otherwise seemed alright, some even improved, herself included. She had made it a specific mission or quest of hers to retrieve her fathers keepsake the instant she had noticed or realized it was not at her side, her Bajoran phaser no matter what it might take, or cost her. The portable med kit containing her personal PADD. Then the medical tricorder she had been issued or provided in Sick Bay, yet there was nothing of her Starfleet comm badge.

Witnessing the Intel Officer's state of unrest, panic, afflicted with or suffering from a minor case of paranoia at having seen through the mind of another, her own memories. "Officer Shar'el, is there anything I can offer or do to assist you medically?" Mizore having carefully composed her statement as it was given with a noticeable sense of concern for her crew under her care. "A small dose of norepinephrine might calm your nerves or at the very least settle them even a little." Lowering herself to the same level as the crouching Ullian woman, so that she could see Shar'El eye to eye. 

It was only reluctantly that she had accepted the offer Seska had proposed, it was simply to disturbing seeing ones one memories through the mind of another, like a mental mirror, familiar places, experiences, people and their faces, though without any of the direct emotional context or personal reference, only mere hollow images. Deep within, she had felt that if anyone could in some manner, connect over such an event or relate to the ILO in this, it was her.

As the Akitashiinu bounded through the stone control antechamber toward them, the ACMO scarcely had time able enough to shove or throw Dalziel out of its direct path, and pull the Intel Liaison with her away from the line of sight of the lycanthropic aggressor, where Shar'El had come to rest on her having fallen on her backside, was only glad none were caught in the resulting melee.

When everything had come to a standstill between the Akitashiinu and Yxidii, and the combat or fighting had ceased, Mizore scanned for each of her team, continuing her role as one of the two medical officers on hand, responsible for the safety of the crewmen, quickly ascertained and evaluated the fallout.

Having set her eyes on the injured Akitashiinu, who seemed to be bleeding out a semitransparent blue ichor through a meter long wound across its chest, she had also caught sight of the CMO, visually interpreting her situation and status appearing to be unscathed. When Doyanne had looked back at her, both looked to the body of the respective Yxidii visitor or intruder. Almost of the same mind, Seska deferred to the CMO, as Lillie took the initiative as the senior medical officer, the two in perfect agreement or accord as if through unspoken communication. Where as Doyanne had taken it upon herself, as she assumed the task of examining the Yxidii or going through the procedures of or for an autopsy if needed, to learn what they could about them, as a species.

Mizore raised her arms, revealing an open tricorder in her left hand, steadily approaching the member of the Akitashiinu race, to make known her intentions. "I am no threat." She paused for a moment, looking for the way to best convey her field or position, or at least the most appropriate word to explain her role. Her right hand pressed to touch against the green of her uniform with slow movements, openly showing that she meant no harm "Healer." Then placing her hand over the center of her mass. "Mizore Seska" Bringing the tip of one finger to the bridge her nose, tracing the ridges, then toward the metal cuffed earring on her right. "Bajoran." Having dropped to her knees beside the injured creature, now able to see, this one with eyes the resembling pure latinum, and 'fur' alike in color to the mineral jet.

Her first contact and communication with a type not alike and so different from her own, or any she had encountered before, being silicon based rather than carbon based like so much of Starfleet many members. She had to perform an initial scan, constantly recalibrate and reconfigure the settings of her tricorder to compensate for the numerous differences between carbon and silicon life, performing a routine blood test as the catalyst.

Bringing to her hands both the autosuture and dermal regenerator from her medical kit, as she was about to enact the standard operation procedure, the injured patient before it stopped her for a moment. Glaring with those wild eyes, resting a hand over its chest, its tall ears flickered. "This one name, Satesh." As another came from the shadows, a slightly smaller Akitashiinu, with sleek build and slivery white 'fur' had arrived without notice. "I am tribe Souhai. This one name, Maro. Shaman, Healer, Priestess, Spirit Walker. Peacekeeper for tribe Souhai and tribe Seka. Her tribe Ketai."
Gwen Spellblade
Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer