"Dark Times"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63073.1015

Lea let out a sigh of relief as the CMO looked at the medical readouts on the wall.  Ensign Lopez's EEG had begun to return to normal. At this rate the pain Adriana felt would be completely gone in a matter of minutes.

[[Thank you Maya,]] the CMO thought, the CSciO having held the best odds to being the one responsible.  "I need someone to do a deck-by-deck survey to make sure everyone if fine," Lea said. When no reply came the CMO lifted her head and scanned Sickbay. To the Doctor's surprise no one else had been there. "Where is everyone?" Summers called out while she headed for the isolation ward.

From there Lea went into the adjacent medical lab and ended her search in her office, still not having found anyone.  "Sickbay to Bridge," the CMO called out as she tapped her communicator. Frustration claimed the Doctor when no reply came. "What? Am I the only one on the ship?"

Lea stumped out of her office and returned to Adriana's side. At least the Doctor knew that there had been at least *1* other person onboard. When she rounded the corner the CMO saw a figure dressed in Intel colors standing next to her patient.

"Enaii?" Lea nervously asked, the stature and hair color of the officer matched, at least somewhat. From the back the Intel Agent seemed far more *Romulan* than the Doctor seemed to recall. Panic engulfed the CMO when she saw the woman's hand reach for the aCMO's throat. "What are you doing?"

Visions of the LANCELOT filled Lea's mind followed by the memory of the fist Enaii had launched her way. This time though things had been different, the CMO had not disobeyed any orders. So as scared as she had been Doctor Summers took hold of the woman's arm and pulled it away. The moment their eyes met though the Doctor let go and took several steps backwards.

"Who," Lea gasped. "I mean *what* are you?" the CMO demanded of the woman with red glowing eyes.

"Doctor Summers," the Intel Agent replied in an icy, bone chilling tone. "I am hurt, vexed even that you do not recognize me. You and I have had such an interesting relationship over the years. I agree that we have had our differences, but to not recognize your old friend?"

"You are no friend of mine!" Lea snapped. The woman might have appeared as Commander Enaii, but she could not have been. The voice and Romulan facial features had been wrong. The mannerism had been too egotistical. If nothing else the red eyes had definitively pointed to the woman having been something else than she appeared.

"Now, now Doctor," the Intel Agent grinned menacingly. "There is no need to be hostile. I am simply here to even out the score."

"Even out the score?" Lea asked, not at all liking this entire situation.

"Yes. On the LANCELOT your actions saved a life that was rightfully mine. I had hoped that Commander Enaii would trade your life for the one you stole from me. Since she did not, I am here to collect on the debt that I am owed," the woman said as she turned back to face Adriana.

Before Lea could say or do anything, the Intel Agent had taken a solid hold of the aCMO's head. The CMO felt her throat tighten as she became powerless to stop what was about to take place. In a swift move, the woman dressed in the grey colors of Intel effortlessly snapped the Ensigns neck. The crack of the bones echoed through Sickbay like a thunderstorm.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Lea screamed as she ran to the biobed, tears streaking down her cheeks. When she arrived the CMO looked into the open eyes of her assistant to see nothing but death looking back.

Tiffany Rose (lady.tiffany.rose@gmail.com)

Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer