"Dimensional Dilemma"
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Setting: Yxidii Battle Cruiser. Command Deck
Stardate: 30148.1510

The Yxidii Commanding Officer joined his Science Officer to more closely review the data gathered during their scan of the alien command deck.  As much as he might have personally disliked the wait that they had been forced into, there had been little choice.  Had it not been for one troubling anomaly, the Yxidii Battle Cruiser would have tried to force the ship back to whatever dimension it had originated from.  That way the Akitashiinu would be their one and only headache to deal with.  Unfortunately he situation had not been so simple.

The two sets of dark blue eyes studied with great interest the information from the scan of the artificial life form that they had discovered. The fact that it had said nothing only added to the unsettling mystery, the robot having stood silently behind the creature that had spoken.  The motionless mechanical creature had remained still, listening and watching as if supervising the verbal exchange.  If their suspensions were correct, this alien ship would prove to be far more dangerous than they could have ever cared for.

It was true that the alien ship had come from another dimension, and that because of this the single robot might have been something completely different. Then again the possible differences between their dimensions could explain why the robot had appeared so different from anything they had encountered and fought against countless times before.  Neither form had been all that pleasant to look at for the Yxidii Commanding Officer, but it had been difficult to see the purple haired alien as being a cold, ruthless killer.

The robotic race known as the Imperian had been encountered over a hundred times, and each time the Yxidii had barely managed to escape, if at all.  Luckily the artificial creatures had possessed a technology lesser then their own in regards to speed and propulsion permitting an escape when possible.  The problem with these mechanical creatures had been their tireless tenacity which had made them to be very deadly opponents.  Their core programming, to see all biological life be eradicated, drove these artificial monsters to perform countless horrors.  So far though there had been no indications that the creature on the alien command deck had been in anyway way, shape or form related or even associated with the mechanical race.

One possible theory offered by the science officer was that the Imperians, in another dimension, could have evolved to be less robotic in appearance allowing them to manipulate those they were sworn to destroy.  Why risk their own perfect creation when a single well placed artificial agent could force biological life forms to fight against themselves?  That simple thought made the Yxidii Commanding Officer think twice before engaging the alien ship in any manner.

Even if the artificial creature had not been a member of the mechanical race, there had been no way for the Yxidii Commanding Officer, or anyone on his crew, to know if there had not been some collaboration between them.  The best that could be done had been to wait and see how the alien would reply to the offer for help.

Insuring that the Akitashiinu did not gain control of this moon and its resources had been of the highest importance leaving the Yxidii commander with little to no choices.  Patience it seemed would need to be a close friend of his for the time being.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer