"Unseen Opponent"
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Setting: PI ALPHA III, Underground control chamber
Stardate: 30148.1450

To say that the ILO had been upset would have been a huge understatement. She seemed ready to cry or lash out at the nearest target. What worried the OPS officer the most had been that she looked like she would do both at any moment.

"Why is she so upset at having seen her memories?"

Jayson's question had been directed to Counselor Dalziel who had taken a kneeling position in front of the troubled woman.  As much as she might have wanted to answer the question that had very likely been on everyone's mind, the CNS focused instead on the officer needing her immediate and complete attention.

As Counselor Dalziel attempted to comfort Ensign Shar'El, the canine-humanoid creature that the crew had met only minutes ago approached with hesitation.  The creature's nostrils were flaring ferociously as it took position next to the ILO and CNS, its eyes seemingly searching for something else.  Ensign Stark noticed this behavior and attributed it to the creature trying to understand what had been going on with Shar'El.  When he tried to reassure the Akitashiinu that all had been fine, the wolf-like beast leaped in a single bound through the gathered officers knocking several to he floor.

By the time everyone managed to get back to their feet, they saw the Akitashiinu in the throws of a battle with an unseen form.  Its sharp claws and teeth were digging deep into an invisible flesh to release an odd green colored liquid.  Each time the canine-humanoid creature was thrown away, it would bounce back just as quickly, never giving a chance to its opponent to consider any other alternatives.

Wydran and Jayson quickly took position in front of the other officers to offer a barrier of sorts. Should the battle come to them, the two Ensigns had hoped to make sure that neither combatants would reach members of the crew, protecting their CO and everyone else by doing so.

Luckily it seemed that the battle was well contained between the two fierce opponents, although only one of them could actually be seen.  Because of this it had been difficult to gauge as to how the battle had been going. That said though, the amount of green blood now on the walls and floor pointed towards the idea that the fight would soon reach a permanent conclusion.

Jayson was a little shocked when he saw the Akitashiinu dig its teeth into what turned out to be the other creature's neck, causing it to become visible.  Everyone could see that there had still been some life in the once unseen combatant, but that was taken care of swiftly by the wolf-humanoid alien hybrid.

From behind his back the Akitashiinu fetched a small cylindrical object which with a single jerking motion expanded into a full length staff.  That staff was quickly forced into his opponent with so much brute force that it impaled it clean through to the wall.

"Yxidii BAD! Yxidii DEAD! All we now are safe."

With the battle over, the Akitashiinu withdrew from the battle field to tend to its own injuries leaving the motionless form of its opponent there for everyone else to see.  The imposing humanoid appeared to be larger than their FCO, which by itself had been very impressive.  The manner in which it had been dealt with had also been impressive, leaving the OPS officer to think that it had been best not to upset their host in any way.

As the away team studied the final scene a general understanding washed over the Starfleet officers. The hatred and rage between the two races had been beyond any simply description. The question remained though as to why and how this would help or hinder in their efforts to return to the ANUBIS?

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark