"What do Chronitrons, Tachyons, Antiprotons and Antineutrons Have in Common?"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.0955
Some believe it to be linear, predictable and impervious to being changed in any way, shape or form. This is a comforting thought to many as it allows them to relinquish their fate onto an unknown and all power force that has already decided what would happen to them and when. Decisions to be made have already been made and life is nothing more than the exploration of a single path already set before each and every single living entity. Choices under this line of belief are only an illusion, a fantasy created to give one's life some level of deeper reason for being.
Others believe it to be nothing at all, that time itself was a creation born from the need to give form to the endless unknown that surrounded them. This creation allowed them to quantify something that otherwise eluded their understanding, and once such definition had been applied the entire idea could then be shelved and ignored. Choices under this line of belief affect no one else but the person who has made it, thus granting them the freedom to do as they please without any repercussions.
Others still believe it to be fluid, able to be shaped, changed and even turned back onto itself. That it is a simple physical dimension like any other that can be manipulated to suit the needs and desires of those with the right tools to alter this dimension. As such past, present and future are only ideas, childish concepts brought forth in a futile effort to understand its boundless complexity. Events that have come to pass can be endlessly reshaped to bring about a multitude of new outcomes. Choices under this line of belief are crucial as they not only affect the person who has made it, but also everyone else in the universe as this decision takes form and grows into a new reality for all to participate in.
Maybe one or more of these definitions is accurate, or maybe none of them are and time is a living entity able to shape itself according to no one else's whims but its own. Benevolent, it looks upon life with a protective admiration never fully revealing itself to anyone despite their deepest desire to understand and explore. Malicious, it laughs at the repeated efforts to conquer its powers, crushing the hopes and dreams of anyone who dares to challenge its masterful supremacy.
So many possibilities, so many questions without answers, so many things to consider. This had been almost too much for the Shillian Scientist who had rushed into the task to discover the cause and solution to the temporal distortion. This quantum anomaly had brought a ship one hundred years into the future and inflicted unimaginable pain to many the Chief Science Officer had come to call friend.
Although imperative, the work to see the Romulan War Bird returned to its own time had been delayed to give priority to saving the crew members of the ANUBIS who had fallen prey to the effects of this distortion. Maybe this had been the wrong course of action, maybe the Chief Science Officer would have done better had she focussed on the larger issue instead of the pain suffered by the individuals, but the Shillian had been unable to ignore the plight of her fellow shipmates.
The voices of the Bridge Officers around her had become nothing more than distant whispers, a barely audible reminder to the Shillian that she had not been alone in this quest. They also served to further push the Chief Science Officer to work faster than she had ever thought possible to see this problem resolved with utmost rapidity. The Head Scientist of the USS ANUBIS had found herself in a race against an opponent not known for being forgiving; time.
"Captain!" The Shillian scientist called out without warning and continued without having confirmed that the woman in question had acknowledged her request for attention. "Using the information we have on file concerning projects on time travel by the Federation, Klingons and Borg to name but a few, I have been able to confirm that the disruption we are experiencing was caused by an imbalance in the Temporal Drive of the USS PARADOX. The levels of Chronitron particles along with the harmonic resonance of the surrounding antiprotons and antineutrons indicate that this temporal event is of Federation origin, at least in its creation as I doubt that anyone in Starfleet would have caused this to happen. The temporal distortion waves are emanating from the YUDARA Asteroid Field and according to these readings they are steadily increasing in frequency and amplitude."
"In short," the Asian Assistant Chief Science Officer added, "things are going to get worse if we do not find a way to stop it."
"The real question is can we?" The Commanding Officer offered, not entirely convinced that the USS ANUBIS despite all of its state-of-the-art equipment had been ready to tackle such a situation.
"Already working on it Captain," the Shillian Scientist replied, her hands moving over the science console like never before. "I am adding carefully calibrated sub-harmonics to the bio-regenerative hull to counter the psychological effects of the temporal distortion, this should take care of the problem reported by Doctor Summers. I am also working on creating a counter temporal wave that would cancel the effect of the Temporal Drive of the USS PARADOX, or at the very least reduce the impact on the general timeline of these distortions to make it easier for us to reach the ship and effect repairs. I am configuring the main deflector dish to create a harmonic Tachyon burst that will be directly opposite to the current state of the antiprotons and antineutrons that are in this region of space. This, in theory, should nullify the temporal distortion and return this region of space to a normal quantum state, unfortunately there is no time to test this theory
before implementing it. It is rather ironic to not have the time to test a procedure that will affect time itself," the Chief Science Officer stated just before she engaged the deflector dish.
The high energy pulse was nearly instantaneous and spread in all directions, effortlessly passing through solid matter as if it had not even been there at all. The only reason the Shillian knew that this had actually occurred had been because she had been the one to initiate the pulse. No external phenomenon had taken place to indicate that something had happened or that anything had changed, at least until the Chief Science Officer raised her eyes from the console to look upon the Captain to discover that the redhead woman along with everyone else on the bridge had vanished.
"Not good, not good, not good," the Shillian exclaimed as she quickly returned to her console and studied the newest sensor readings. "Something went wrong, something else happened at the same time, instead of cancelling the temporal distortion the Tachyon pulse shattered the integrity of the space-time continuum. Inert physical matter seems unaffected, but biological matter has been sent into a wild state of temporal flux, now instead of a single temporal bubble we are dealing with dozens, maybe even hundreds of separate time spheres that are isolated from one another. Not good, not good, not good. I have to fix this before something bad happens," the Shillian said with a deep sight. "I mean, I have to fix this before something *worse* happens, because this is about as bad as it could have been short of a complete implosion of this and all surrounding realities and dimensions."
"Maya," the gentle and calm aged voice of a man was heard against the silence that had engulfed the Bridge of the USS ANUBIS. "You need to relax, your mind is going too fast. You always were too keen to get things done, time in this case can be your ally if you allow it to be."

The Shillian stopped her frantic work and remained completely motionless for several seconds, the voice the Scientist had heard had been from her own past, a voice that had been an impossibility under normal circumstances. Slowly the Chief Science Officer turned her head in the direction of the voice, her heart pounding stronger and faster the more her sight drew closer to the source. Even with her understanding that time itself had been shattered, the scientist had been unable to logically reason and accept what her eyes had discovered.
"You are impossible," the Chief Science Officer stated in a trembling, challenging tone. "You cannot be real."
"What is real? To many, dreams are more real than life. If reality is based on your perceptions and your thoughts, then this is as real as you wish it to be. If reality is rooted in the heart and emotions of a person, then everything around you is the illusion leaving only you and I to be the ones who are *real*."
Eyes full of disbelief were soon filled with tears as the Shillian forgot all that had happened to instead embrace the reality of the moment and rush towards the man who had spoken such heartfelt words. "Daddy?"

Jessica Solarik (maya_992003@yahoo.com)
Lieutenant Commander Maya
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"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)