"Confusion All Around"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.1000

The Chief of Operations could not understand what was going on all around the ship, and all he could do was to keep listening to stories as if they had been made up for some kids night around the camp-fire.

Elliot tried to rack his brains to think of what he could possibly do to help the situation on-board the USS ANUBIS, when the CO's voice broke his train of thought.

The red-headed woman touched her comm badge on her chest and inquired "Bridge to Engineering," to which there was no reply.  The CO touched her comm badge again and attempted the same request, "Bridge to Engineering," and again the same reply came, a deafening silence.

Ensign Thomas glanced over to where Aki stood and caught her eye then he silently mouthed "what's happening?", to which she responded with a shrug of the shoulders.

The Chief of Operations then turned to look at the Captain and after studying her expressions he could see that she was questioning to herself the seriousness of the situation.  The red-headed woman then turned towards Hex, which made the furball's ear twitch immediately when their eyes locked then the CO stated, "Ensign Fanggot I need you to get some security personnel down to engineering, I don't want to be stuck out here with either no power or no engineering staff, and right now if the computer is not responding properly anything could be happening on-board."  Then turning to face Elliot she continued, "Ensign Thomas, I need you to run ship diagnostics and find out what is wrong and why?"

The COO gave a faint hearted smile, nodded and immediately started to work at his console, swiping his hand over the console and touching areas with soft tones to announce confirmation of execution.  He ran each individual diagnostic program over all the programming code for the relevant areas of work,  but kept coming back with the same results, everything was functioning within parameters, it did not make sense but regardless of the number of times that he did the diagnostics it did not change the outcome, everything is functioning normally.

After 30 minutes of constant diagnostic checks Elliot looked to the direction of  CO and called in a disheartened tone "Captain, I have done all the diagnostic checks I can and I keep getting the same result and that is everything is within normal parameters."

The red-headed woman looked in Chief of Operations direction, however she did not look surprised with his results then added "If there no problems with the ship; however, we are some how experiencing computer issues then this could be a far more serious situation we're in than what we would like to be."


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Ensign Elliot Thomas.
Chief Operations Officer.

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