"Beyond Sight"
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Setting: PI ALPHA III, Underground control chamber
Stardate: 30148.1445

All creatures, be them great or small, use their senses to navigate and survive the universe around them. Touch, smell, sight, sound and taste all play role in giving shape to the world around each and every being.  For some though, another sense is added to the common ones giving an additional level of experiencing the limits of their surroundings.

Although not a true telepath by common definition, the Ullian's ability to reach into a person's mind to see memories gave them an understanding of this extra sense that most could barely comprehend.  Because of this, Shar'El knew beyond any doubts that there had been something more about their first meeting with the wolf-like race known as the Akitashiinu.

Looking at the canine-humanoid specie the ILO could *see* intelligence and cunningness as well as fear and nervousness.  The odd part had been that when looking at the Akitashiinu Shar'El did not *feel* anything beyond what her five primary senses had noted.  Still the strange and nagging sensation of something hovering at the edge of her mind persisted.

Shar'El's eyes searched with purpose the dimly light room, trying her best not to dismiss the occasional blurry distortion effect as having been caused by the bio-luminescent crystals embedded in the walls and ceiling.  This entire room had been alien in every aspect and the ILO could not bring herself to take anything for granted, how ever strange it might have appeared.  As far as the dark haired woman had been concerned there had been something else in the room with them, and all that she needed to do now was to somehow prove it.

Had the ILO believed in the slightest way in ghosts or the supernatural, she might have thought that it was some sort of unnatural creature that had been in the room with them.  Science and experience though had thought the raven haired woman that there had been no such things, only conditions beyond anyone's immediate understanding.  Shar'El took a step forward as if heading to catch up with the rest of the crew before she stopped mid step and fully turned around without any warning.  Her gaze aimed into the middle of a blurry distortion set against the wall as her mind reached out to see if her suspicious had been correct.

A faint smile flashed on the ILO as she began to see a distant fog of memories which only made her dig even further in search of answers and proof.  Her suspicions had been proven correct, not she needed more to convince the others of what she had discovered.  Where the smile had been only seconds ago, an expression of total disbelief now appeared as the memories Shar'El had found became clearer.

Frozen in time, the ILO could not stop herself from seeing the rapid flow of memories she had discovered, each flawless image triggering countless more to surface threatening to drown the dark haired woman in a world of the past.

"Are you alright?" Seska asked having noticed the absence of the ILO from the group. The presence of the Bajoran's hand on Shar'El's shoulder proved to be enough to break whatever connection had been created with the unseen creature.

"There is something in here with us," the ILO explained while trying to regain both her breath and wits.

"How do you know this?" the aCMO asked as she looked at the empty wall ahead, wondering if maybe the stress of their current situation had been too much for the ILO to handle.

"I saw so many memories, distant and detached," Shar'El explained as she brought her hands to cradle her head.  "What bothers me the most is that those memories where *mine*," the ILO added as the rest of the crew now gathered around the dark haired woman to see what had happened and if they could help in whatever way available to them.  "Those memories were *MINE!"

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer