"Temporal Oddity"
(Cont. from "Medical Emergency")

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.0955

Since the Doctor's report to the Bridge everyone had been even more on edge then before, their situation with the Romulan War Bird having been compounded by whatever else had swept through the crew.  Aki, like everyone else on the command deck, had been left with nothing else to do but to wait for the CSciO's analysis as to the probable cause as well as hopefully a possible way to counteract this issue.

"Could it be some sort of new Romulan weapon?" Hex sheepishly asked, her ear twitching like never before.  To be so powerless and at the mercy of something entirely out of her control had rattled the aSec/Tac, a feeling that had been shared by many other officers on the Bridge.

"A new weapon from an archaic ship?" Elliot grumbled.  "It would be very unlikely," the COO said in a tone that almost seemed to chastise the aSec/Tac for having made the suggestion.

"When it comes to temporal distortions," Aki offered in defend of her fellow Ensign, "everything is possible.  It would not be the first time that a ship suddenly gained superior technology."  Of course because she had been defending the aSec/Tac, the aCSciO had made a point to omit the fact that such a temporal shift usually resulted in the crew of that ship to also gain the knowledge to properly use such new technology.  If this had truly been an attack by the Romulans, Aki doubted that any of them would have been left standing.

The aCSciO could understand the reasoning behind Hex's suggestion though.  Had this been some sort of Romulan weapon the Kzinti would have felt more at ease with the idea and the possible counter action, unfortunately when dealing with a natural phenomenon, weapons were usually of little use.

Aki glanced over to the Shillian who had been working like mad at the primary science console to discover the cause of this affliction. Every so often the aCSciO thought that Lieutenant Maya had been ready to report on her findings and give the bridge officers one of her legendary detailed explanations, but so far each time the CSciO's head had come up it had fallen back down within seconds.  Whatever had caused this temporal distortion had been major, the only indication Ensign Mitshiba had needed to reach this conclusion having been the Shillian's extended silence.

The impatience of the CO had started to show, but Captain Rikar knew better than to pressure her chief Scientist.  Maya had visibly working as fast and hard as she could, so much so that Aki had not dared to ask if there had been something she could do to help for fear of interrupting some important train of thought.  Instead the aCSciO concentrated her sensor scans on the Romulan War Bird and the single Klingon life form they had found inside.  To find a Romulan ship 100 years in its future had been an anomaly of its own, but to discover a Klingon inside that very ship had been a mystery that begged to be solved, even if only to set the records straight.

Maybe once the issue with the ANUBIS' crew had been addressed they would be able to turn their attention back onto the Romulan War Bird and its atypical passenger.

Dawn Bohr <serra.moon.angel@gmail.com>
Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
Assistant Chief Science Officer