"Medical Emergency"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63073.0950

Lea jumped out of her seat and rushed into the main treatment area the moment she had heard the screams. The CMO had not known what to expect but she was completely taken aback when she saw the aCMO on the floor. As if possessed by demons Adriana had been tossing uncontrollably about on the floor. Several nurses had rushed to the woman's side to try and keep her from injuring herself. Even with the weight of several people against her own, Ensign Lopez had still not been immobilized.

"What happened?" Lea asked as she flipped her tricorder open to take some basic readings thorugh the nurses. The Doctor had not needed the instrument to tell that Adriana had been in excruciating pain. Neither did the CMO need any confirmation that her assistant had been beyond being reasoned with.

"I don't know," one of the nurses replied. "She just fell down and started screaming like this."

"I have never heard anyone scream like this," another nurse said while trying herbest to hold the aCMO down.

"There are no visible wounds," the CMO said. "Help me get her onto the biobed."

In her enraged frenzy the aCMO managed to knock the Doctor and one of the nurses onto their rears. It was clear to see that Ensign Lopez had lost all control and needed to be sedated. Quickly Lea reached for a hypospray, loaded it with a mild sedative and injected her agitated assistant. Within seconds Adriana's body relaxed and became still, which allowed for the medical staff to safely move her onto the biobed.

"What caused her to feel such pain?" the nurse asked once the aCMO had been placed and secured on the biobed. The invisible restraining force field allowed for the nurses to take a moment to relax and count their bruises.

"I'm not sure," Lea replied. "But according to these readings whatever caused it is still there. Her EEG is off the scale, the only reason why she stopped screaming is because of the sedative. The real problem is that I cannot find any physiological cause for this pain. The brain is responding to something, but it's not her nerves. The pain seems to be triggered directly from within her brain."

"Doctor," another nurse called out as she ran into the main treatment area. "We are getting calls from almost every deck. Something strange is happening, people all over the ship are collapsing to the group screaming in agonizing pain."

"Sickbay to Bridge," Lea said immediately after having tapped her comm badge. The situation had grown from a single isolated incident to a ship-wide condition.

=/\= Go ahead Doctor," =/\= Captain Rikar replied.

"Something about this region of space and the temporal distortion is causing several crew members to experience extreme pain," Lea reported. "Ensign Lopez was one of the first to become afflicted. I've conducted a few quick tests but I cannot locate the cause."

=/\= Is there something you can do for them? =/\= the CO asked, hope distinctively present in her voice.

"Short of putting them into a coma, no," the CMO replied as she held on to the hand of her assistant. Even under sedation Adriana's hand responded to the intense pain she had been experiencing. Had it all been possible Lea would have taken upon herself the pain Adriana felt. The only thing Doctor Summers could do was to wait and hope that someone on the Bridge would be able to find a solution.

Tiffany Rose (lady.tiffany.rose@gmail.com)

Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer