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"That Sinking Feeling"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge

Stardate: 30148.1400

An hour and a half had passed since the new Chief of Security had arrived onto the ANUBIS.  During that time Ya'Han had joined the efforts in progress to locate the missing officer and in that same time she had seen her frustration grow to an unimaginable level.  Everything that could have been done to had been done, even things that seemed beyond crazy had been attempted and still no traces of the command staff had been found.

This had not been what the raven haired Nylaan had expected on her first tourr of duty a a Starfleet officer.  She had not expected to be thrown in the middle of a battle the moment she would arrive on the ship, but it had not been her hopes to land in the middle of continued efforts to find the rest of the ship's command staff.

"Sensors are picking up something," ANI said causing the dark haired Chief of Security to quickly turn to face the mechanical woman with hope.

"Have we found the missing officers?" Ya'Han asked thinking that this was it, all would be fine and she would be able to actually get to know the ship instead of desperately looking for its command staff.

"No, but we are losing contact with the moon," the Avatar said unemotionally.

"WHAT!?!" Ya'Han had barely touched the floor from where she had been to where the artificial woman had been standing.  "We can't just lose the moon that we are orbiting."

"Normally I would agree, but in this case that is exactly what is happening.  The moon that we are orbiting is now barely registering on our sensors," ANI said 'a la Vulcan'.  "The dimensional rift that is surrounding the moon has suddenly increased in intensity."

"What does that mean?" The Chief of Security asked, this science thing had never been her best field, and if given the choice Ya'Han would have much rather gone toe-to-toe with some mindless giant instead of trying to figure out this mystery.  The fact that she had gained the ability to change her hair to blue only after having attended the Academy had been a solid proof of her weakness in that field of expertise.

"According to the latest sensor readings, the moon as well as the members of the command staff currently on it, are being pulled into another dimension," the Avatar explained as if this had been a common occurrence.

"Is there anything that we can do?  What if we fired our weapons at the rift, could we affect it in some way that would see the moon and our officers stay in *this* dimension?" Ya'Han already knew the answer but asking the question had been the only thing that she could do at this time.  Never before had she felt this level of uselessness, the formerly purple-haired daughter of the High Sovereign had always been able to do or say something that resulted in some level of action.  The Chief of Security had expected, maybe with some level of naivety, that her position and duties would permit her to do the same while in Starfleet.

"Weapons fire will not affect the rift," ANI said just before the ship began to shake violently.  "The rift has increased in size by more than 50 percent, we are now caught inside of it."

"Great, why do I have the feeling that this is not going to be the kind of day I will look back to with fondness?" the Chief of Security said to no one in particular as she took hold of the nearest thing to help her stay standing.

The ship continued to shake, threatening to send everyone flat on their backs, for several second before everything finally returned to how it had been.  Everyone did a quick check to make sure that all had been well, and Ya'Han looked at the main view screen to see the moon in its fullest details.

"Well, at least this should mean that we will be able to get a lock on the command staff and bring them back on board with relative ease," the Chief of Security said, trying her best to look at the positive of their situation.  Those words had just been spoken when the ship shook once again.  "I thought we had cleared the rift?"

"We did," ANI said in that Vulcan tone that Ya'Han had truly begun to find annoying. "The shock we have just experienced is from an energy-type weapon.  We are being fired upon."

Ya'Han's eyes suddenly glowed with excitement, and for a brief moment the black hair of the excited woman gained a faint reddish hue.  "Someone is shooting at us?!? Now *that* I can handle.  RED ALERT, shields up, bring all weapons to full combat readiness," the Chief of Security all but screamed, letting everyone present on the bridge know that this had been *her* field of expertise.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han

Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer