"The Strange Feeling"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, CMO's office
Stardate: 63073.0945

Something had happened and Adriana was at a loss to explain how she knew, but she had been drawn to check in with Doctor Summer.  The moment Ensign Lopez stepped into the CMO's office the look on the Doctor's face indicated that the assistant had not been imagining things.  "Is everything alright?" the aCMO asked of her superior.

"Depends," Doctor Summers replied, her eyes glued to the small monitor on her desk.

"Depends on what?" Adriana asked, concerns and worries filled her mind.

"Depends on if you consider the ANUBIS being nose-to-nose with a 100-years-old Romulan War Bird being *alright*," Doctor Summers said, her eyes still not having moved from the image on the small monitor.

"What are the Romulans doing here?" Adriana exclaimed, apparently having missed the bit that had preceded the mentioning of the race by the CMO.

"I'm relatively certain that they are asking themselves that same question," the Doctor said as she looked at the aCMO with a disconcerted expression.  "Not only are they well outside of their territory, but they are also *100 years* late."

"What?" Adriana gasped.  "Oh, you had mentioned that before," the aCMO continued, the earlier statement from Doctor Summers just now having registered.  "Guess my question still applies though, although with a minor twist as to the definition of *here*."

"We are in the middle of a temporal event," the CMO said with a sigh. "We, being the medical staff of the ANUBIS, have to be ready.  I need you to take over and coordinate the emergency teams should something come up; I will stay here in Sickbay and supervise everything else. We have to be ready to deal with plasma injuries from the Romulan vessel and also be ready to address any strange occurrence caused by us being in a temporally unstable area."

"I remember a few classes at the Academy about the effects of temporal distortions on living tissue," Adriana said.  "Some of those were pretty nasty as I recall, causing organs to rapidly age out of control."

"That is why I need everyone ready to jump into action at a moment's notice," Doctor Summer explained.

Ensign Lopez nodded her head in acknowledgment and made her way back into Sickbay where several emergency teams had already begun to gather to ready their equipment.

"You need to have your people be aware and ready about something else too," an all too familiar voice said, which made the aCMO roll her eyes.  "Exposure to temporal distortions have also been known to cause psychological problems in certain individuals, namely to make them unable to discern the difference between what is real and what is not," Amanda stated with an eerie calmness.  "Those individuals are not only a danger to themselves but could prove to be very dangerous to other member of the crew if they should believe them to not be real," the hallucination of her sister continued which left Ensign Lopez to question if she had been suffering from the stated ailment of if she officially lost her mind and gone insane.

Adriana suddenly felt a strange tingling sensation take hold of her skin, as if countless ants had decided to dance on her body.  The feeling quickly became too much for the aCMO to control and she collapsed onto the floor screaming as if her life had been about to end.

Marissa Montonera-Lombardi (mmlm24@gmail.com)

Ensign Adriana Lopez
Assistant Chief Medical Officer