“What Fresh Hell Is This?”
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Setting: Moon of PI ALPHA III, Underground cave system
Stardate: 30148.1330

Sonja awoke feeling like she had been on a serious drinking binge involving Samarian Sunsets with Chech’tluth chasers, not a good feeling to say the very least about it.  The surprising thing was that she no longer felt any pain. The redheaded engineer managed to peel open her eyes to see if the leg was in fact still there.  Yup, there it was without any scar either… hum that is a bit of a mystery.  She knew she wasn’t dreaming, or she would not feel this dreadful.  It was a sign that she was indeed alive.

The CEO took a deep breath and brought herself up to a sitting position, this also testing the strength of her stomach as she felt like the contents would be making a move for a rather grand if not pretty escape.  ::Alrighty then,:: the woman thought to herself,  ::so far so good.::  The redhead decided to check out her surroundings, the walls seemed to be stone the bed was more of a ledge that stuck out of the wall, the ceiling was also stone though it seemed to be a bit lose and unfinished.  In general it seemed like these cells were rather hastily made.  Which could be a good thing as it meant more opportunity for flaws in construction. The far wall was openish and the bars made of stone or stone like material.  Sonja stood rather slowly testing her leg as she did so and being mindful of her stomach that gave queasy a new level existence.  Leg seems fine and back to normal and stomach was still contained, ::WooHoo so far.::  The redheaded woman made her way slowly to the entrance, to investigate these bars.

As the CEO was reaching out to touch the bar in front of her, Shar’El shouted “Don’t touch them, they are bio-electrical it seems.”

“Interesting,” said with a bit of curious wonder, becoming even more interested in the bars now. “Thanks for the warning, that shock would not have been good considering how I’m feeling,” Sonja stated with some relief that she was spared the experience.

“Whats seems to be wrong? How are you feeling?” the CMO asked with curious concern. Coming into view on the left hand cell across the hall.

“My leg feels like it’s never been injured as do the other injuries, however my gut feels like I spent the night drinking Klingons under the table” The CEO stated with slightly nauseated tone, “I only wish I remembered the party”.

The CMO wrinkled her nose and said “Possibly not the kind of party I would want to remember”.   The Doctor paused for a second or two before she continued, “The queasy feeling your experiencing may be due to the healing process or the transporter they ‘whomever they are’ used to get us here” the blond woman stated.

“So was everyone similarly affected, and if so how long till this passes?” the CEO asked.

“Well so far, no one has reported anything as severe as you have mentioned, however you were the more severely injured or us and that would have impacted the reaction you are experiencing.” The Doctor replied. “As to how long this will last, I really don’t know, but it shouldn't last too long,” sighed with exasperation as she truly missed not having a medical tricorder available.

“Alrighty then, what have I missed?” Sonja asked wanting to get up to speed.

Setting: Moon of PI ALPHA III, Underground cave system
Stardate: 30148.1400 (roughly 15 to 20 minutes later)

Well that was a mass of info and non-info all at once Sonja thought to herself.  Now how the frak do they get out of… and what keeps falling on my head?.  The red haired woman looked up to notice that the ceiling seemed to be crumbling in spots.  She wondered what could be causing it and thought perhaps storms on the outside or minor quakes may be the cause giving her an idea that perhaps the quakes could loosen more than just the ceiling.  Sonja shot up and started trying to shift the stones on the walls around the entrance with single mindedness.  As she did so she noticed both Shar’El and the Doctor looking at her rather curiously, as she moved around her cell.

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