"The Romulans"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.0940

The Kzinti was, as most had already noticed, trigger-happy. The minute the Captain had given the order, she was wildly firing the ship's weaponry that the Ensign had waited so long to see in action. The thing that surprised everyone though was that nothing happened.

"Hex?" Ensign Mitshiba questioned, "Aren’t you going to fire?"

"I am... something's blocking our weapons, it all looks as though it's working... but it's not..." Hex was confused and distraught, her ear twitched nervously.

"Maybe it has something to do with this temporal bubble we are in," Ensign Thomas offered, noticing the Kzinti's face to look like the one of a child who had just received nothing for Christmas.

"The power build-up in the Romulan War Bird has vanished, looks like they won't be firing either." Akira added, staring at the view screen intently from over in the Engineering station, having linked the unused console to Maya’s.

"What ever is blocking our weapons must be blocking theirs as well," Hex grumbled, happy they weren't being fired upon, but unhappy that they could not fire.

The Shillian female seemed to have thought it through, but was brought up short when the CO began to give orders anew. "Open hailing frequencies, we'll see what it is they want and figure this out," she still seemed to be upset by the mention of temporal mechanics.

Those on the bridge went to work, but Hex lost herself in a fuzzed daydream. It involved the ship's torpedoes to be destroying the Romulan War Bird, reducing it to space junk within minutes. Though the Kzinti was unsatisfied with her weapons malfunctioning, she couldn't help but notice the dark figure or Enaii looming within the bridge.

The Ensgin wasn't afraid of the woman, but she had an aura of menace around her that the Kzinti knew all the others could sense too. Just having Enaii on the bridge meant trouble, and it was as if that trouble wouldn't leave until she herself did.

"Link established Captain, we’re getting something," Tomas called.

"On screen please Ensgin," Riker stated, not moments later, a visual of the Romulan Commander filled the view screen. He looked nervous, but had a determined glint to his eyes.

"What is it you want?" demanded the Romulan, more rudely then necessary.

Hex grinned, glad to see their foe squirm. The Romulan had been brought 100 years or so into the future, and his ship was no match compared to the ANUBIS and it was easy to see that the Commander of the Romulan ship *knew* it.  He and his crew were sitting ducks to the Federation starship which was far more advanced than they were, and this situation was *not* sitting well with the Romulan Commanding Officer.

"Captain, the sensors are picking up 78 Romulan life signs as well as 1 Klingon life sign onboard the War Bird." Maya reported, fingers flying over the keys of her console.

"A captive? Captain, the prisoner can not be permitted to remain on board the Romulan ship!" Drell intervened, bowing his head under the CO's heavy gaze.

(the below section was written by Francois)

"We could try to beam him off their ship," the COO suggested having verified that the transporter system had been operative.

The redhead Captain glanced over to the ILO who said nothing and only slightly shook her head.  Although no words had been exchanged Rikar knew what Enaii had thought; the timeline.  The Romulan vessel had been pulled from its time and brought into the future through some unknown power, and to safeguard the integrity of the timeline that ship needed to be returned to its time.

"Commander," Rikar began in her best diplomatic voice.  "You are very far from home, there is no need to resort to hostilities.  We would be happy to assist you in whatever way we can to see you return home," the ANUBIS' CO offered having made sure not to mention any time references so as to not tip the Romulans of their actual situation if they had not already been aware of it."

"We do not trust nor surrender to Federation puppets," the Commander snarled before the communication between the two vessels was terminated leaving the CO and the rest of the Bridge Officers to wonder as to what their next move would be.

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