"Everything is Possible When Dealing with Temporal Distortions and Quantum Mechanics"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.0935
The USS ANUBIS had come to a complete stop while the members of the Senior Staff readied themselves to deal with the rapidly approaching Romulan vessel. It had been clear that their only course of action had been to destroy the ship before it collided with them to insure that their presence remained unknown to any other ships that might have been in the area.
"All decks report ready and weapons are on stand-by," the Kzinti Tactical Officer announced, ready to open fire with everything at her disposal the moment the Captain would give the order. "Impact in 35 seconds."
"Captain, sensors are showing the ship is slowing down," the Assistant Chief Science Officer announced, now more puzzled than ever before. "They have dropped out of warp and seem to be on an intercept course instead of a collision course."
"How are they able to see us," the Chief of Operations demanded from his station having once again confirmed that the Ablative Armour had been fully deployed and operational.
"It does seem impossible," Captain Rikar added, her narrowed eyes fixated on the image of the now slowly approaching vessel.
When the doors to the turbo lift located in the front-portside of the Bridge opened, everyone on the command deck seemed stunned by the unexpected arrival of the Intel Operative. Slowly Enaii made her way to her station located behind the command pit, her eyes never once having left the image displayed on the main view screen.

"This is not right," Enaii stated in a calm yet disturbed tone as she glared at the image of the Romulan ship on the screen from behind her station.
"What?" The Chief of Operations asked a little miffed. "That a Romulan ship has de-cloaked in front of us or that it seems to be able to detect us despite our Ablative Armour being activated?"
"I believe Commander Enaii is referring to the ship itself," the Shillian Scientist offered as she stepped out of the rear turbo lift and made her way to the science station at the back of the Bridge.
"Care to explain Maya?" the Captain urged, the simple fact that a ship had de-cloaked directly in their path had been bad enough, but that the ship had been Romulan had only made things worse.
"The ship you are seeing on our screen is a Romulan War Bird, a vessel class that has not been used by the Romulan Star Empire in over as century," the Chief Science Officer explained as she took over the seat gladly vacated by her Assistant, Ensign Mitshiba. "Before you suggest that this might be an old ship abandoned by the Empire and that it has someone made its way into the hands of some other race, please allow me to point out that there is sizable quantum distortion around that ship. This same distortion is also around the ANUBIS and it is my belief that it is the cause as to why the Romulan War Bird is able to detect us. Actually, as far as these readings are concerned I would be ready to venture a hypothesis that we are the only ones able to see the Romulans and that likewise they are the only ones capable of *seeing* us."
"So you are saying that the ship is not really there and that we are all imagining it?" Ensign Thomas offered, not at all convinced with the idea that their instruments, as well as their own eyes, had been wrong.
"Woah," the Klingon Flight Control Officer scoffed, "that has to be the worst mass hallucination ever."
"Not exactly," the Shillian Scientist continued. "Just as the Romulan War Bird initially cloaked while on the edge of our sensor range, I was studying a strange temporal energy wave that was heading our way. The energy signature was very weak and barely managed to reach us, but it was enough to cause a bias in our hull and Ablative Armour which I believe brought us into an isolated temporal bubble in which the one hundred years old ship and ourselves are able to co-exists in. Such a shift in the quantum dynamic of matter in this region of space would also account for how the Romulan ship was able to traverse the distance it did in only a few seconds."
"I *hate* temporal mechanics," Captain Rikar said as she rubbed her temples with her fingers.
"The crew of that ship is likely as puzzled, if not more, than we are as to what is happening," the Chief Science Officer added before being interrupted by the Kzinti Security /Tactical Officer.
"Confused maybe, ticked off, most certainly," Hex announced with a certain tone of trepidation. "I am picking up a *massive* built up of power in their forward section."
"They are preparing to fire their primary plasma weapon," the Captain quickly stated as she recalled an Academy history class on the conflicts between the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation. Romulan vessel of that era employed a devastating energy weapon that had proven to be the downfall of several Federation ships until shield technology had been improved.
"Normally there would be no need for us to worry," the Shillian explained, "but given the quantum fluctuations that are surrounding us there is truly no way to know for sure as to what effect a high level plasma discharge would have on the ANUBIS.
The Captain turned to Hex but the Kzinti had already anticipated the order. "Firing Tri-phasic torpedo spread and pulse cannons."

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