"That Was Unexpected"
(Cont. from "Disguises Not Required")

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.0930

Normally it would have been the CSciO who would have been sitting on the Bridge, but because of her research the responsibilities to man the science station had fallen onto the Assistant, not that Aki had been at all complaining.  Ensign Mitshiba enjoyed being on the Bridge, right there where the action would be if something came up, but given their current mission and status the odds of something happening had been slim.

Hidden from sight and sensors thanks to the Ablative Armor, the ANUBIS had been nothing more than a shadow traveling through space.  For an Intel ship being nearly undetectable had been more than an advantage, it had been a necessity, but on the flip-side of that coin it also meant that the ship avoided any and all potential problems along the way.

Aki glanced over to Hex who had gone through at least half a dozen ready-checks on the ANUBIS' weapon systems.  She could understand the Kzinti's anguish at having so much power at the tips of her claws and not being able to use it.  Fortunately for the aCSciO, the use of the impressive sensors of the ship had not been restricted in the least, so the Ensign had been able to give into her desires to test the full capabilities of the instruments of her field.

The more Aki studied the data gathered by the sensors of the ANUBIS, the more she understood Lt. Commander Maya's ways, the woman spending all of her time in any of the ship's science labs.  Standard science vessels could never venture into potentially dangerous areas, such as the Federation / Gorn border, but this had not been a normal ship in any sense of the word.  Maya, Akira and the rest of the Science staff of the ANUBIS had been given a unique opportunity to see and research locations otherwise out of reach.

The aCSciO had been just about to offer a few words of support to Hex when a flashing light on her console drew back Aki's immediate attention.  The long-range sensors had picked up something but when Aki tried to get more information on what had appeared the screen showed nothing but empty space.

"Captain," the aCSciO said, her fingers flying over her console in a desperate effort to get a lock on whatever had triggered her instruments.  "Long-range sensors picked up a *bleep* directly ahead of us."

"A *bleep*?" The CO repeated, not at all satisfied with the vagueness of the description given.

"Sorry," Aki apologized.  "It's the best I can give you.  Something appeared at the edge of our long-range sensors for a fraction of a second before it vanished.

"A sensor malfunction?" The Captain offered as a possible explanation for what had happened.

"Computer diagnostics show everything working within normal parameters," the aCSciO said.  "I could ask Lt. Fairborn do a more thorough check of the long-range sensor array, just in case," Aki added while she continued to work on her instruments.  The fact that there had been nothing and that the computer stated that everything had been as it should have been had started to make the Ensign believe that she had imagined it all.

"Could it have been some sort of cloaked ship?" The COO asked after a few seconds.  The hesitation in ET's voice suggested that he did not believe his own hypothesis.

"It would be an unlikely possibility," Aki replied.  "Aside from the fact that there are no known civilizations with cloaking devices in this region of space, the signal was way too small to have been from any cloaked vessel that we know of."

"CAPTAIN," Hex called out, her eyes having opened to their absolute widest.  "Romulan ship de-cloaking directly in our path and on a collision course.  Impact in 50 seconds."

"Helm, full stop!" the CO instructed.  "Red Alert!"

Dawn Bohr <serra.moon.angel@gmail.com>
Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
Assistant Chief Science Officer