"Disguises Not Required"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63073.0820

Lea shook her head at the aCMO in amused disbelief. For an Ensign, Adriana had shown a lot of guts in shooting a joke like that at their CO. Maybe it had been because of their lack of sleep, or maybe because Lopez had found her place in the universe. Either way the CMO had been happily surprised by her Assistant's comfort with the ship and its crew.

"All kidding aside," Lea said. "We can have the entire senior staff turn into Bolians in a few hours."

"That is good to hear," the CO nodded with a smile. "Although I suspect that Elan and Hex may not take onto becoming Bolian too kindly."

"Elan would not be any problem," the CMO corrected. "If either Ensign Lopez or I were to ask him, he would gladly submit to the procedure."

"Hex on the other hand would likely claw our eyes out," Adriana added. "Although I will admit that I think it would be fun to see her *blue*."

"Just be ready," the CO said before making her way to the exit. "Although we do not *need* covert identities for this mission, some of the officers may feel more comfortable with an alternate persona."

"Not a problem Captain," Lea said just in time before the doors closed behind the redheaded CO.

The aCMO picked up a few of the medical equipment that had been set out on the biobed before she turned to face Lea. "I thought that she would order the crew to undergo this procedure," Adriana said in a slightly puzzled tone.

"One of the main rules of an Intel operation is to keep things simple," the CMO explained. "We are going to that planetoid to gather information, not to infiltrate a top security compound. The more at ease we are with ourselves, the less distraction we will be subject to and the more success we will have. Sometimes the best way to hide is to be in the middle of a crowded room as visible as possible."

"That makes sense," Ensign Lopez hesitantly agreed. At least the option had been hers, and the idea of becoming someone else had held a certain appeal.

"Plus," Lea continued, "the identities of the senior officers is relatively unknown to the outside world. Even the Federation knows next to nothing about us, so it is easy for any of us to blend in undetected. Without additional make-up or fake ridges, noses, earlobes that could be detected should things gets a little rough; we further reduce the odds of the mission being compromised. It would be easier to explain why you, Adriana Lopez, are at the trade center rather than trying to justify why you were wearing a *Bolian* disguise."

"Is that why we are going to all be in separate groups?" The Ensign asked, a few fears having sneaked their way into her mind.

"We will draw less attention to ourselves that way," Lea said with a reassuring pat on the back of her Assistant.

"Well one thing for sure," the aCMO said with a sigh. "A change of clothes will definitively be in order. I doubt that there are a lot of people at that trade center who will openly welcome a Starfleet Officer."

Lea laughed. "That much is certain."

Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, one of the outer edge Market Place
Stardate: 63073.0830

The 23 years old female Betazoid felt the eyes of the crowd on her. Her ability to read the primal thoughts of the many males around her had not made things any easier.

[[Maybe I should have stayed in my uniform,]] Mortina thought to herself. [[That might have drawn less attention.]]

The dress she had selected had been one that the Betazoid had often worn when not on duty. The problem had been that the crowd on this planetoid had been far more *wild* than anything else she had been accustomed to. At first the telepath had actually enjoyed the raw thoughts triggered by her arrival. That had lasted only a few minutes though as some of the images she received became far more graphic.

[[This was a bad idea,]] Mortina thought while still moving forward. Her desire to find her brother had made her come this far and she had not been ready to turn back. Everything she had found had pointed to this place but she had rushed in alone. Although terrified for her own life the Betazoid pressed on, her need to find her brother having been more powerful.

Mortina suddenly froze as a single word was telepathically projected in the open. The force had been such that it had nearly pushed the Betazoid backwards. What had truly troubled the 23 years old woman though had been the word itself.


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