" Wishes "
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Captain's Ready Room
Stardate: 63073.0400

The young woman sat at her desk, her azure blue eyes lost on the image displayed on the small desktop monitor while her thoughts raced at warp speed. The Senior Staff had gathered in the Black Hole Lounge, a sight that under normal circumstances would have made the redhead smile… but Rikar had not been in the mood. It had been enough for the ANUBIS' CO to see them all there as one big happy group… a group that she had silently wished she could have joined.

With a few presses of the controls the image on the small screen shifted to a shadow filled area of the lounged. To the untrained eye there had been no one at the table, but the redhead knew better and every so often she would see a faint movement that indicated that the ILO had indeed been there. Being the CO of the ANUBIS had more than once forced Rikar to say or do something that she had come to later regret… the spat with her wife having been the latest and most painful of them all.

Doctor Summers had been an asset to this crew because she cared beyond the normal call of her responsibilities as s CMO. Likewise Enaii had been an irreplaceable pillar of strength regardless of the situation the crew faced, the ILO always able to keep the larger picture in perspective. This had been the first time the two Officers had seen their individual ways clash, and given what had happened, it had been a safe bet that it had also been the last. All that had remained had been for all involved to pick up the pieces and move on. Lea would likely never again challenge the ILO's authority and Enaii would likely never even think of this again certain that the CMO had learned her lesson.

If only things had been that easy between the CO and ILO. Rikar knew that in time Enaii would dismiss what had been said… the ILO not having been one to hold a grudge against her wife, but Sabrina knew that the events that had come to pass would never be forgotten.

With a few more presses of the controls the image on the small screen shifted to focus this time on Captain Morningstar… the former CO of the USS LANCELOT and a man visibly torn by his own inner demons. From his seat on the upper level he had observed the gathering of the Senior Staff, and the redhead had been able to see the longing in his gaze. The more Rikar looked at Morningstar the more she came to share the feelings that the ANUBIS' CO had been certain had been his… a feeling of loneliness… a longing to not have the responsibilities of command weigh so heavily on their shoulders.

With a single touch the small screen was turned off. The redhead then leaned back into her chair and turned towards the shooting starts visible through her window.

"I wish…" the redhead whispered to no one in particular as she recalled a childhood story about being able to make a wish upon seeing a shooting star.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63073.0800

"Good morning Captain," Ensign Thomas offered to the young woman as she stepped out of her Ready Room. Although the Senior Officers currently on the Bridge had all wondered as to when their CO had entered her office, none dared to voice their question.

"All tactical systems are fully operational," the Kzinti aSec/Tac reported with far more enthusiasm than such a statement would have normally called for. Obviously the Ensign had still held onto her wish to test the ANUBIS' weapons… a desire that would for the time being remained unfulfilled.

The CO simply smiled at Hex before she turned her attention to the science station where Ensign Mitshiba had been busy. As soon as Akira noticed the questioning look of their CO the Ensign answered what she believed to be the redhead's concern. "Lt. Commander Maya is in Stellar Cartography… I believe she is trying to find a way to improve our sensor effectiveness for when we will be at the YUDARA Asteroid Field."

"Maya in a Science Lab," the Counsellor chuckled. "Who would have guessed?"

The young woman could not help but smile at the comment made by Eve, a comment that had been born of the knowledge likely shared between all of the Senior Officers during their early morning gathering.

"Helm," the CO continued as she eased herself into her seat. "What is our ETA for the border of Gorn space?"

"We will reach Gorn space in just under 4 hours," the Klingon FCO replied after having confirmed the information on his instruments.

"Bridge to Engineering," the CO called out next as she opened the comm channel from her chair.

=/\= Main Engineering, Fairborn here, =/\= the Oltharian replied, the giant having sounded as ready as ever to accomplish whatever task the redhead had been ready to send his way.

"Is the Ablative Armor online?" Rikar inquired very confident that the CEO had completed the repairs to the ANUBIS' defensive system several hours ago.

=/\= Yes Captain, =/\= Elan confirmed. =/\= Ablative Armour is ready at your discretion and the bio-regenerative hull is showing 100% integrity. =/\=

"Thank you Lieutenant," the CO acknowledged with a bright smile. "Ensign Fanggot," Rikar continued as she turned her attention back to the Tactical station, "if you would please."

The Kzinti immediately jumped to the task not having required to be told twice to activate one of the ANUBIS' tactical systems... even if it had only been the Ablative Armour.

The lights on the Bridge changed to reflect the cloaked status of the ship, as a red hue now bathed the primary control deck.

"Helm... steady as she goes," the CO stated as she stood from her chair. "Ensign Thomas... you have the Bridge."

"Is everything alright Captain?" the Counsellor inquired, having found it somewhat strange that the CO had decided to leave the Bridge so quickly after having come in.

"No need to be concerned Counsellor," Rikar replied with a reassuring smile. "I'm just heading to Sickbay to check with Doctor Summers as to our readiness to perform a few minor aesthetic modifications for our undercover mission."
"Been there... done that," Eve mumbled to herself.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 63073.0815

"Captain?" Doctor Summers offered as she watched the ANUBIS' CO step into Sickbay. "Is everything alright?"
"Everyone seems so concerned about me," Rikar chuckled. "Is there something in my medical file, or something that came out of my last physical that I am not aware of?"

"Of course not Captain," the CMO replied. "It is just that your visit is an unexpected one."

"With all due respect Sir," Ensign Lopez added as she joined the higher ranking officers. "You are the Captain and therefore it is the crew's responsibility to see that you are well and happy."

The CO and CMO shared a quick glance before the redhead turned back to Adriana. "I am not sure what Doctor Summers has been telling you Ensign, but sucking up to your CO will not guarantee a quick promotion, at least not on *this* ship."
Adriana's posture immediately changed to one of extreme nervousness which made Lea laugh.

"Our next lesson will be on the unique and sometimes twisted sense of humour certain COs have," the CMO stated as she patted her assistant on the shoulder.

"I just came in to see if everything was ready should any of the Senior Staff need cosmetic surgery for our undercover mission," Rikar explained, silently happy to see that the issue between the ILO and CMO had apparently not affected the Chief Medical Officer more than it had needed to.

"We are always ready," Summers announced.

"In fact," Lopez jumped in with, "I believe we have perfected the technique to have someone appear as a very realistic Kradin. Would you like to try?"

"And *I* have a twisted sense of humour," Rikar retaliated with, trying as hard as possible to appear offended.

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