"Deep Trouble"
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"Curiosity is one of the most permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect."
- Samuel Johnson

Setting: USS MA'AT, Transporter Room 3
Stardate: 30148.1230

=/\= Bridge to Ensign Ya'Han, stand by for transport.  Sorry we can't stay, but we are expected elsewhere. Hope your journey with us was a pleasant one. Transporter Chief, energize in six seconds, Captain Greene out. =/\=

The new Chief of Security stood on the transporter platform, her hands held the travel bag which contained all of her personal belongings.  The woman felt somewhat stunned by the rushed manner of her transfer off the MA'AT and onto what would become *her* ship.  Since the now black haired woman had spent her time on board studying the crew of the ANUBIS and its most recent mission reports, she had not had the opportunity to better understand the primary purpose of the ship that had granted her passage.  Time had been of the utmost importance for this ship and her Captain, and making the detour to the PI ALPHA system had been an already huge stretch for the crew of the ANDROMEDA-Class Rapid Intervention Frigate.

"Initiating transport sequence in 3... 2... 1..." the Transporter Chief announced, timing the transfer of their passenger perfectly with the ship dropping out of Quantum Slip Stream only long enough to permit the transport sequence.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.1231

"Welcome aboard the USS ANUBIS Ensign Ya'Han," the ship's Avatar stated immediately after the woman finished materializing on the command deck.  "My name is ANI."

"Give me a second," Ya'Han pleaded as she raised her left hand while the right dropped onto her knee to help insure that she would not collapsed onto the floor.  "It feels like my head is in another part of this ship."

"Technically speaking, it was.  What you are experiencing is an unfortunate side effect of what is referred to as a near-warp transport, but the feelings will quickly subside," the artificial woman explained as she extended a helping hand to the ship's newest Senior Officer.

Setting: Moon of PI ALPHA III, Underground cave system
Stardate: 30148.1235

The Native American felt as if his head had been part of the rock face that his arm had been resting against.  The last thing he remembered was responding to someone calling out Ensign Mizore's name in panic.  Erik's head felt so scrambled that the Commanding Officer of the USS ANUBIS could not recall who had actually said it, all Morningstar could remember for certain had been the sensation of overwhelming dizziness that had soon followed.

Erik stumbled as he tried to return to his feet, unable to understand why the dark room that he now found himself in spun so much. "What happened?" the Captain inquired with difficulty as he fell forward onto his knees, his hand instinctively reaching ahead towards a stone-made bar of some sort.

"Captain," the Shillian Acting First Officer quickly warned.  "Do not touch the bars..." but Maya's efforts proved to be too late as the screams of their CO filled the underground passages that connected the cells in which the crew had somehow found their way into.  "They are charged with some sort of bio-electrical energy, and although the voltage is not strong enough to actually cause physical damage, they are powerful enough though to cause excruciating pain."

"So noted," the Native American grunted as he cradled his hand against his chest in an effort to ward of the excruciating pain mentioned only seconds before.  "What is our status?"

"We seem to have been transported into separate, individual cells," Shar'El stated allowing for the Captain to get a vague bearing as to where the ILO had been in relation to the Acting ExO and himself.  "I cannot see you Captain, but I do have a line-of-sight on Commander Maya."

"I find it very interesting that these caves appear to possess bio-luminescent crystals scattered through the rock face, thus explaining our ability to actually see anything at all," the Shillian noted, once again proving that she had been and would forever continue to be a scientist above anything else.

"Do we know where everyone else is?" The CO inquired, his immediate concerns having been for the well being of his crew over their current location, especially thinking of those who had been injured prior to this unexpected turn of events.

"Captain, this is Doctor Doyanne.  I am alright but I cannot see anyone else from my current location," the CMO reported.  "What I can confirm is that I am in a cell made of rock as well."

"Ensign Stark here Captain," the OPS Officer chimed in next.  "I can see Lieutenant Dalziel and Ensign Ttosk from where I am.  Granted seeing Wydran is not all that difficult even from our respective distance, but still I can confirm that we are here and that both the Lieutenant and the Ensign appear to be unconscious."

"How are you feeling Ensign?" The Doctor asked, her duties as the ANUBIS' CMO leading her to insure that everyone had been as well as could be.

"I am fine, in fact that may be what is the strangest part of all this.  I clearly remember bruising my harm when we landed from the jump over the chasm, but there is no pain or even any traces of the bruise on my arm," Ensign Stark reported with surprise.  "It is as if my injury was healed while I was unconscious."

"Wish I could take the credit for that one," the CMO admitted with a sigh, "but alas it was not my doing."

"Where am I?" the Bajoran woman inquired next, having regained enough of her wits to note that she had been in a different environment then when she had fallen unconscious.

"Glad to have you with us Ensign," the Captain offered.  "It looks like we have all been abducted, although we have yet to identify those responsible or their reasons for having done so.  On another note, how are you feeling?"

"I am feeling fine, why?" the aCMO replied not at all understanding the reason for the question.

"How is your arm?" Doctor Doyanne inquired next, wondering if the condition that Ensign Stark had reported had been isolated to him or affected everyone else.

"My arm is..." Seska began as she grabbed hold of her now unbound arm and noted with confusion the complete absence of any pain.  "By the Prophets, my arm is healed, but how is that possible?"

"That is just another of the many questions that we are currently faced with Ensign," Captain Morningstar replied as he tried as best he could to understand what had happened.  Had the silicon-based life forms been responsible to their abduction, and if so why heal their woulds only to imprison them like animals?

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30148.1245

"Do you have anything more to add to the reports that I received while in transit on board the MA'AT?" Ensign Ya'Han inquired after having recuperated from the effects of her near-warp transport, the new Chief of Security wanting to get right to work on helping to find the rest of the Senior Officers of the USS ANUBIS.

"Sensors have confirmed that the interference field surrounding the moon of PI ALPHA III is in fact caused by a dimensional rift originating from the moon's center.  There is currently no way to reach or even communicate with the away team," ANI reported, not quite as coldly as someone might have expected an android to.  For all of her mechanical properties, the ANUBIS' Avatar did have the uncanny ability to appear human in many different ways from time to time.


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Captain Erik Morningstar
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