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Stardate: 30148.1137

So far the trip had been more a disaster, or depraved series of misfortunes, since the inception of the teams arrival. Since she so recently spent approximately the greater part or moments of the last hour eerily, nigh uncharacteristically in absolute silence, having been so savagely knocked, slammed, and generally beaten around inside the land transport craft, annihilating her fortitude and lowering her constitution, reducing her to a near primal state. She felt nothing, only the pain that wracked her entirely and so completely, rippling through every nerve in her body, as she could hear the bones grinding hard against the point of breakage.

The ACMO was quietly appreciating the temporary cessation from traveling in the LOCUS on what she was starting or beginning to consider as an accursed pile of lunar debris hanging dead in space. Still, Mizore's expression was one possessing extreme and obviously apparent enervation, while her eyes seemed animalistic, resembling a predator with a blood lust. Adapting more base instincts, embracing wild and feral urges. While completely aware mentally, still master of her own cognitive processes and functions, and sound of mind. had initially displayed mannerisms and body language that adopted a noticeably primitive archetype.

"Captain, my tricorder is picking up new silicon signatures. Three of them rapidly moving away from us, it looks like. . ."

Seska's voice fell into the quiet, curiously eyeing her tricorder quizzically, not fully understanding the strange complexity of the information displayed on the device. Turning her own attention to First Officer Maya, delaying to see if her words had registered with the Lieutenant Commander for a moment. Once, she was willing to accept as error, twice she would take as infallible evidence and incontrovertible proof that silicon based life indeed existed here on PI ALPHA III. Now it was undeniable these were not only some type of canine hominid species, these were in fact facilitative bipeds, normally or most common method of motion as a quadruped, with the potential or tendency to stand upright and walk as humanoid as well.

"It looks like what?" The Operations Officer inquired, thinking maybe he should have been more cautious about pressing the matter extensively, careful as to what he had hoped for or expected.

"They just vanished Sir, as if they had never been there in the first place." The Bajoran womans words were delivered rather flatly, giving no sign of intent to give an extensive analytical disquisition as she had issued her own offered response.

"I don't know about you, but I am starting to dislike the idea that we are being toyed with." The Captain's words spoken in reply to what Mizore had reported, echoed everyone else's feelings.

Lost and exhausted, Seska seemed intrinsically distant, her eyes stared off toward the west, following morass as far as the lunar horizon line. Making no effort to conceal her current state or obscure her present condition, she had neither the strength to engage in anything much more than standing in perfect stillness, nor the energy to keep appearances. Life seemed to slip from her as every moment passed, stripped of life and vitality, leaving her with no means of resistance. A relatively grave spectre of her former self.

:: This place, is like a doomsday clock. :: Mizore, entertaining thoughts of such a thing, as if the mass of PI ALPHA III were spiraling ever forward, toward some unknown and ominous event. Even her mind became heavy, weighed by the entire chronicle of recent occurrences, which was becoming quite the collectively extensive list. Everything wore on her since the impact of the SPHINX, tearing her apart pieces at a time, leaving her mostly unable to contribute in any major capacity, where most were busy with their assigned rank and field, Seska could only observe from a sort of sideline.

Morningstar, rallying the team into one unified cohesive purpose. Maya meting out specific orders, Paquette being the mind while Dalziel acted as the Chief Engineer's hands running basic or general diagnostic or performing minor maintenance procedures on the LOCUS vehicles. Shar'el taking up as active morale officer, while Doctor Doyanne continued monitoring the condition of Paquette and the crew, leaving Stark and Ttosk act as recon, scouting the area, and get a heading or some direction to the next LZ.

Mizore could feel herself falling, as if time itself stretched thin, almost stopped its course, altering her perception as it distorted everything around her. Seska's twin colored eyes dilated, forcing her vision to become extremely slowed, experiencing a strangely familiar sensation in some form of temporal vertigo, before gradually fading into deep black nothingness before the ACMO collapsed or even touched the dust covered greyed surface of the moon, nowhere to be seen or heard. There, where she once stood, was the only trace she was or had ever even present, her Starfleet comm. 
Setting: PI ALPHA III, Location: Unknown
Stardate: 30148.????

In the darkness, there were only echoes of sound and shadows that shifted among the surrounding scene where the Bajoran now found herself in the midst of, when consciousness had finally returned to the ACMO. . . 
Gwen Spellblade
Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer