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Setting: USS ANUBIS: Draxx/Rikar Quarters
Stardate: 63073.0125

Immediately following the mission briefing, Enaii had returned to her quarters without delay.  Upon entering the room, the Agent was greeted by a small girl, her daughter, sitting in the middle of the floor, cross-legged and holding a PADD in her hands.

"Hi Nan-ha!" the girl exclaimed happily, looking up from her reading.

Enaii noticed the lifeless form of TEAR on the ground beside the child.  "What are you doing up?"

Talia shrugged.  She had no restrictions on sleep time, and truth be known, she had only to complete all of her responsibilities in a day and she could do as she wished.  "I'm not tired," the girl chirped.  "Besides, I want to pick which snake I'm going to buy to put in Koneki's bed... then determine how much it will cost me and how long I will have to save my credits."

The mother nodded, she admired her daughter's dedication to following through on a threat.  "Talia, I wish for Sabrina and I to be undisturbed.  If you will take your work into your bedroom, I will pay for half of whichever snake you choose."

The child's eyes lit up as though it were Christmas morning, still, she couldn't help but take advantage of the opening for a bargain.  "Three quarters, and you arrange for shipping."

"Half," the mother hissed, though proud of her daughter's progress in her life studies, "And I will arrange shipping on the condition that the snake has an anti-venom."

"Does it have to work immediately?"  the blond girl asked with reservations, "Or can he suffer a while?"

Enaii thought only for a moment before speaking.  "Nothing permanently debilitating, and nothing he cannot work through.  Otherwise, you may make him suffer."

In one swift movement, Talia had scooped up the tiny lifeless robot beside her, stood and bounded toward her bedroom.  "Deal Nan-ha!  Tell Bina good night for me!"

As the girl disappeared behind her sliding door, Enaii set to work on her plans.  It had been a rough rescue mission, and no doubt Sabrina would be more than a little overwhelmed by it all.

Setting: USS ANUBIS: Draxx/Rikar Quarters
Stardate: 63073.0155

Sabrina paused, her hand hovering over the access panel to their quarters.  Enaii always left it locked so that Talia had a safe place to be, or so she said... the redhead half believed it was more to safeguard the secrets within the Operative's own private office, which rested behind yet another lock once inside.  Sighing, she pressed the buttons to open the door and stepped inside.

"Enaii," the woman called out quietly.  "Enaii?  I know you're here, we need to talk."  The ANUBIS' captain really wasn't looking forward to this at all.

"Sabrina," the Operative spoke, stepping out of their bedroom and into their living quarters.  "You look tired, you should rest."  To anyone but the Operative's wife, such a comment would have seemed completely out of place coming from Enaii.

"No," Rikar sighed, "I really need to talk to you."

"We can talk later," The intel agent offered, stepping closer to her wife.

"Enaii, you can't hit our officers.  It's not acceptable discipline.  We're not on a Romulan ship, this is not the Tal'shiar."  Sabrina blurted it out as fast as she could so as not to be detered by her nerves.  Even to the Captain, the Operative could be intimidating.

Enaii's eye's narrowed.  "You are choosing to do this *here*?"  she hissed.

The redhead stood tall and did not back down.  "We have procedures, and I expect ALL of my officers to follow them.  You will apologize to Lea.  Is that understood?"

The ILO looked about ready to breathe fire.  "Clearly *Captain*," she barked, her jaw clenched and her hands tightly balled into fists.  "May I be dismissed?" she growled.

"Enaii, don't do that," Sabrina pleaded, immediately regretting her choice to confront her wife about work while in their home.

"May I be dismissed *Captain*?" the Operative hissed again.

"Fine!  Go!" the Captain shouted, opening her mouth to say something else, but already her wife had left her alone in the room.  Lowering her head, the redhead placed her hand over her mouth and breathed in deeply through her nose.  After a moment, she decided to go to bed and sleep it off, no doubt, by tomorrow Enaii would be over it.  It really hadn't been such a big deal.

Walking in to her bedroom, Sabrina immediately knew how royally she had messed up and her regret swelled to epic proportions.  Soft whispering Risean music wafted through the air, the scent of wild cherries and rose petals caressed her.  The bed was adorned with flowers, and a small bowl of fruit and cream lay tantalizingly by the bedside, accompanied by an open bottle of Chateau Picard and 2 frosted wine glasses.  A lingerie giftbox, beautifully wrapped in fine silk ribbons lay on the woman's pillow, awaiting her.

Setting: USS ANUBIS: Intelligence Gathering Center
Stardate: 63073.0220

Enaii stewed in the recesses of the IGC, tracking the object of her ire.  Three other intel operatives had been tasked with herding the woman into the Operative's lair, yet she hadn't made a move in several minutes.  It made no matter, if nothing else, the ILO was patient.  Finally, the doctor was on the move, she had headed straight to the turbolift, and no doubt one of Enaii's officers had covertly instructed the computer to deliver Lea straight into the IGC.

Once the Doctor stepped out of the elevator, her path was locked in, she had only one way to go, and it would lead her straight to the waiting ILO.  The lift had been locked, and all other doorways jammed as well.  As Lea travelled toward her destination, several low level operatives glanced up from their stations to see what person had caused their boss to create such an elaborate trap.  Finally, the physician came to the office of the ILO, before she could turn around, the doors parted and Enaii's voice rang out into the corridor.  "Come in Lieutenant."

Dr. Summers inhaled deeply, then placed one foot in front of the other and marched herself into the jaws of the lion.

"Lieutenant Summers, I have been informed that my disciplining you using Romulan methods was unacceptable, that *only* Federation methods are to be used on this crew.  Therefore, please accept my apology."

Lea's mouth visibly fell open as she struggled for words.  Before she could speak, Enaii spoke again.  "Also, with my apology, I regret to inform you that I am bringing you up on the following charges:  One count of insubordination.  One count of failure to follow a direct order issued by a superior officer during a military operation.  Sixteen counts of reckless endangerment.  Three counts of needlessly endangering the life of an officer AND one count of failure to follow away mission protocol.  You are hearby placed under house arrest and are to report directly to your quarters.  Upon reaching NEW ALEXANDRIA, you will be remanded into JAG custody where you will await court marshal.  You are officially stripped of rank and duty until such time as an officer of the court returns those honors to you."

Lea could barely breathe, in fact she wasn't sure if she had been breathing for the last several minutes and struggled to inhale.  Her cheeks were wet, and she could feel her own tears soaking through her uniform on her breast.  

More than anything she wanted to be able to speak, but the words just wouldn't come.

Enaii stood from her desk and walked straight to the trembling woman, the coldness in her eyes cut deep and indicated that she really did not care for the state of the woman before her.  "Tell me Doctor, do you know why I punched you?" the ILO hissed.

The doctor shook her head, still trying to sort out what had just happened.  "No," she finally squeaked.

"I punched you because what you did was *wrong*," The ILO snapped, "Court marshal, lose your rank and commission *wrong* Doctor Summers.  I punched you because I thought you could learn a lesson without losing the life you have built for yourself..."  Enaii paused, "Apparently not."

"If I hadn't disobeyed," Lea countered, "that man in sickbay would have died!  What I did saved a life, and saving lives can never be wrong!"

"No?" the ILO growled, "And if I had not come back for you, he would be dead, as would you, Ensign Thomas and Elan.  Ranks exist for a reason.  Protocol exists for a reason."

The doctor's throat constricted, it had not been the first time that she thought about how she had almost been the death of the Oltharian, but hearing the words spoken out loud by another made it all that much more real.  "You're right, I can't make those choices."

"You don't have to Doctor.  People like me make them, people like you follow orders."  The Operative backed away and returned to her place behind her desk.

"This world of Intel, where life and death is valued by an unbalanced equation is too much," Lea proclaimed, "I'm not cut out for this."

"You could be," Enaii replied, the ice in her voice replaced by her standard flatness.  "That is why I hit you Doctor, because you have potential."

The physician didn't reply, she just stood in front of the Operative, completely at her mercy... if Enaii was capable of such a thing.

"So Doctor," the Operative offered, "Should I apologize to you?  Or can I throw this court marshal out and trust that you've learned your lesson?"

Lea nodded, she knew she wasn't ready to value one life above another, and at this moment in time, she wasn't ready to follow orders blindly, she needed time to think, to process everything that had happened.  What she did know was that she was being given another chance by someone she'd never expected to give second chances.  "I'm sorry for what I did, I was wrong.  I am very grateful that you chose to give me a chance."

"Get out of me office," Enaii hissed as she turned her attention to another matter, the issue closed in her mind.  The CMO did not waste any time and left the woman as swiftly as she herself may have done.

Setting: USS ANUBIS: The Black Hole
Stardate: 63073.0300

Having exhausted near to a month's worth of conversation, Enaii silently slipped in to the Black Hole and sat at a corner table.  Without being prompted, a server appeared at her table side and presented her with an empty glass and a bottle of Trill spirits.  Meticulously, and almost ceremoniously, Enaii removed the cork, inhaling the sweet and sour bouquet.  Tilting her glass, she poured the pink liquid in to fill the bottom, swishing it as it landed in the cup.  As she swirled, the color changed from pink to purple to blue and back again.  Sitting back, she watched silently as the senior officers gathered and gulped down her drink before pouring herself another glass.  Intel gathering relaxed her, and after tonight, she needed a bit of an escape.

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