" Hunter "
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, T'kon Temple
Stardate: 63073.0330

The surrounding shadows had embraced him as a lover would have a mate… the two having become one with seamless effort. The Kzinti bounty hunter had relentlessly followed his mark for the last couple of weeks through countless planetary systems that had span nearly the entire quadrant, but now he had been closer than ever before.

More than once Vellanor had managed to hide her trail from the bounty hunter but the Vorta's efforts had quickly proven to be insufficient against the Kzinti's skills and experience… not to mention his powers of persuasion. When confronted by the muscular black panther-like humanoid, most became more than willing to offer any and all information that had been within their possession… those few who resisted had been made to see the error of their ways in a most painful of manner.

For reasons that truly did not matter to Grex, the Vorta had decided to travel to this sorry excuse for a settlement; a shady trade center located on a planetoid lost in an asteroid field within Gorn space. Vellanor would not see her plans, whatever they might have been, come to pass… the bounty hunter had been only seconds away from snapping his trap shut on the unsuspecting servant to return to claim his sizable prize.

Grex's full attention had been focussed on the female Vorta so he had not noticed the details of the temple in which she had entered. The only aspect of this location the bounty hunter had taken in and inwardly appreciated had been the complete sense of tranquility that had permeated this building. In another time the Kzinti might have considered staying here for a little while, basking in the silence that he usually only found within the deepest reaches of space… but now had not been the time for such indulgence.

A soft low growl escaped from the towering black Kzinti as his one and only eye suddenly noted three Jem'Hadar warriors as they stepped from behind a huge pillar to greet the Vorta. Three more soon followed and joined the first group in the reverent welcome that had been programmed within their genetic code. Grex did not fear these soldiers of the Founders, and even found it within him to welcome their presence with a faint smile… their bodies would provide a most fitting carpet for the bounty hunter and his mark.

"You will not desecrate this temple with your ways," an elderly Efrosian priest quietly stated while his hand came to rest on the Kzinti's shoulder. How he had managed to find the bounty hunter had been a puzzle that would likely never be solved, but Grex had more important matters to attend to. Not having any quarrels with the Efrosian the Kzinti swung his muscular arm to push the elderly man out of his way but found only empty air.

"You are faster than you look old man," Grex angrily growled as he turned to face the Efrosian… the bounty hunter needed to deal with this meddler quickly before the Vorta could escape.

"Your quest may be noble but your actions cannot be permitted," Kane politely stated, "I will not allow you to violate the sanctity of this temple." The priest spoke in a manner that hinted to the elder having knowledge of this situation that should not have been his, but this mattered not to the bounty hunter… no one would stand in his way.

With lightning speed the Kzinti lashed out at the Efrosian who surprisingly enough managed to avoid each and every strike launched in his direction. The more the elder dodged, the more angered Grex became… so much so that the bounty hunter momentarily forgot about the reason why he had been here to instead focus on the annoying priest.

As one sided and powerful as the strikes had been, no one in the temple had become aware of the battle, the blows and blocks having been no louder than faint, distant whispers. That was until the struggled moved into the field of vision of the Tamarian who observed the conflict with unmatched astonishment.

"Neo against Morpheus in the training construct," he whispered to himself in awe as he watched the massive Kzinti trying as hard as he could to strike the old Efrosian without any success.

When Grex noticed that the Vorta and her Jem'Hadar lackeys had left the temple, the bounty hunter ended the battle by simply running out, leaving the Efrosian behind apparently content in the success of his task to safeguard the purity of the temple intact.


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