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"Colorful Thoughts"
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Setting: USS MA'AT, Guest Quarters

Stardate: 30148.1145

The Chief of Security sat on the chair in front of the computer display, her hands unconsciously playing with and brushing the long raven hair cascading over her left shoulder. The received mission report from the ANUBIS had been particularly detailed, enough to leave Ya'Han to question the training practices of the Federation Intel world.

To better understand everything, Ya'Han had decided to review in more detail the personnel files of the command staff. This she hoped would give her an inside look at the people and how they were likely responding to having been cut off from their ship.  Working from the ground up, the Chief of Security decided to start with the Ensigns and work her way up the chain of command.  As an Ensign herself, it seemed more appropriate given that she would likely relate more to them than anyone one else.

Ensign Wydran Ttosk, the Zaldan Flight Control Officer.  Being as large and muscular as he was, Ya'Han was surprised that he had not chosen a career in the field of security.  From what she could see from his file, Ya'Han concluded that he was the strong quiet type, letting his actions speak for him.  In a crisis situation it had been very easy to see him being the one taking care of all the demanding physical tasks.

Ensign Shar'El, the ship's Intelligence Liaison Officer was next. The picture on her file reflected well the content therein, the woman being dark and mysterious in numerous ways.  Abandoned as a new born child she had learned to fend for herself and this led the Chief of Security to picture the now grown woman as being one to deal with whatever came her way.  Ya'Han grinned as she continued to brush her own hair with her fingers, amused by the status of someone with the same matching hair color.

Doctor Mizore Seska, the Bajoran Assistant Chief Medical Officer holding the rank of Ensign followed.  Now here was a woman with a strange and interesting past.  Vanishing into nothingness for over two decades would have been an impossible ordeal for some, but to have memories of an earlier time implanted into their mind would have caused most to go insane.  It gave Ya'Han an indication as to why Mizore had spent a year on VULCAN and left the Chief of Security to imagine the Doctor as being someone able to deal with the most unpredictable of situations.

Next was Doctor Lille Hardusa Doyanne, the Chief Medical Officer. The Chief of Security paused for a moment, holding onto her perfectly white colored hair as she admired the almost innocent looking woman.  Interestingly enough though, the history contained in the file reflected a troubled past.  It was at this point that Ya'Han realized a little more just how complex the crew of the ANUBIS was and how perfectly she fit in with her own personal history.

Ensign Jayson Stark, the Chief of Operations came next.  Compared to everyone else that she had read upon so far, the man came across as almost normal.  The lost of his wife and unborn child had not been something easy to handle, but it had been a situation that he had not been the first to experience and would certainly not be the last.  Ya'Han shared the man's pain having lost, in a different way, her own family leaving her to easily picture him as possessing an inner strength that would come in handy in times of great need.

The Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Junior Grade Sonja Paquette was next. A third generation Starfleet brat, the woman's red hair seemed to hint to a fiery and independent character, one that Ya'Han easily appreciated as she brushed her own fiery locks as they flowed over her shoulder.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Eve Dalziel, a dark haired woman holding the position of Ship's Counselor came up next.  Although the content of the file had been simple, there had been something about the woman's eyes that Ya'Han could not explain, something that pointed to the Counselor as being far more than she appeared.  This left the Chief of Security to imagine the woman has possessing skills and abilities well beyond her official position and duties, assets that would most certainly play an important role in any difficult situation.

Ya'Han's hair turned a bright shade of blue as she read the next file, that of Lieutenant Commander Maya, the Chief Science Officer and current acting First Officer of the ANUBIS.  Here was yet another officer with a troubled past, not only having lost her family but her entire world.  The awards and lengthy service record showed a level of dedication that the Chief of Security instantly acknowledged.  It would be interesting to speak with he Shillian and get to know her better, having succeeded after being faced with such an impossible situation.

Last, but not least, Captain Erik Morningstar, an Okanagan / Syilx Native American in command of the USS ANUBIS.  Although Ya'Han did not personally know the man, she could see him as being the type to remain calm during the most chaotic of times, offering his strength of character to anyone who required it.  The man possessed an aura of leadership about him, something that she admired through his picture as she pushed her purple hair back over her shoulder.

With about 30 minutes before her boarding the ANUBIS, Ya'Han thought it best to focus back on the mission details that had been forwarded to her.  The situation on the moon would require the Chief of Security to land running and not waste any time asking questions to which the answers could be found on the computer display in front of her.

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Hanali Han

Ensign Ya'Han

Chief of Security / Chief Tactical Officer