"Feelings, Visions and Unspoken Questions"
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Setting: YUDARA Asteroid Field, Planetoid, Trade Center, T'kon Temple
Stardate: 63073.0315

The legends had been true and even after weeks of meditation within the fabled structure the Efrosian priest known to others only as Kane had still been in awe and disbelief.  During his travels many different rumors had made their way to him, but the one about a temple of majestic beauty that belonged to a time long forgotten had been the one to catch his interest.  The Efrosian had half expected to find some derelict ruins if anything at all but to find the temple as it had been at the time of its construction had been more than the priest could have ever dreamt possible.  Yet upon this discovery a strange feeling had claimed his senses, one that he had not been able to understand; one of recognition and belonging.

At first the local priests clothed in the ceremonial robes of the now extinct Empire had been reluctant to allow the Efrosian to stay and mediate.  In time though they recognized Kane for the soul that he had been; a deeply spiritual seeker who's only wish had been to touch the spirit of a mighty race and be bettered by the experience.  Some had even begun to believe that the soul of the visiting priest had originated from the same period as the temple, which explained why the two seemed so perfectly made for one another.  It also allowed for the local priests to dismiss the apparent knowledge Kane possessed not only about the T'kon civilization but also the temple itself.

Now the priests had been happy to leave the seeker to his quest and disturbed him only to bring him food and water to insure that any vision he would be blessed with would not prove to be his last. During his weeks of meditation Ojall had seen many such visions, some from a time when the temple had been frequently visited by those who had overseen its construction, others based on more recent events.  He had foreseen the arrival of the Tamarian as well as his reaction to the temple's presence and condition, a reaction that had very closely mirrored the Efrosian's when he had been blessed by his discovery.

As fascinating as this vision had been though Kane had found himself far more interested in some of the other visions that had come to him during his meditation.  One had been of a powerful vessel traveling through the darkness between the stars, unseen by any around it, and unknown even by those of its alliance.  At first the priest had feared this ship but the visions which followed pointed to the vessel having been one of peaceful exploration and that it had been on a mission very much like his own; to discover the truth behind a rumors.

Other visions had focused on the individual souls that could be found within this vessel, souls that were either looking for or running away from something.  The Efrosian had quickly become fascinated by these beings and their individual quests, one in particular who had been desperately searching for her sister who had gone missing many years past.  The reason for his interest had not been the woman's own need to find her missing sibling but rather the fact that the image he had seen in his mind had been of a woman he had helped many years ago. Had this been a mere coincidence or had the troubled soul he had reached out to back then been the one that the woman in his vision had been looking for?

Ojall's question remained in his thoughts for a fleeting moment only, the feeling that the arrival of this ship and its crew here had only grown stronger with each passing minute.  Somehow the Efrosian priest knew that their path would cross and that in time he would be able to answer not only his own questions but also many of those who had been on there way here.

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